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Greenspan - Stairway to Heaven

After letting us know he was in Control just before the year ended, Greenspan is back in this new year with his new album Stairway to Heaven.

I personally have been waiting for the album for a few months now, so do like me and cop it, share it and listen!


Album: Ellis - Education of Ellis

Even though my brother put me on to Ellis when Blueray dropped, it was right around the time that I stopped posting. Now that I'm back making random appearances, this is perfect time to catch-up. This morning, Ellis dropped his new album Education of Ellis.

Stream and download the album below. Then, Keep Going to see Ellis discuss his influences and the inspiration behind the album on Sway in the Morning.


Album: Rapper Big Pooh - Happy Birthday Thomas v3.5

Rapper Big Pooh returns with another edition in his Fat Boy Fresh series. This mid-point edition is a remastered follow-up to the Vol. 3, which dropped this summer. Only this time a few bonus tracks and thematic skits have been added for your listening pleasure.

Preview the album then Keep Going to catch the visuals to Gold Chain.


Album: PHZ-Sicks - The Moment

I gave you the head's up on Monday that The Moment was dropping on Tuesday. It's now Thursday, so hopefully you took some initiative and gave the album a few spins and downloaded it. If not, I'm here for you. But first, let's hear from the man of the hour, day, week, month....

“The album is called The Moment because I feel with everything I put into it, this is the moment where my life changes. Where I get to pursue this passion like there is no tomorrow and finally [reap] the rewards of the sacrifices I made to get to this point."
So without further adieu, check out The Moment:

PHZ warned us that Love Scene III was going to the next level once the album dropped. He didn't lie and the song doesn't disappoint. If you're up on your 90's R&B, you won't be able to do anything other than jam out and smile while doing it.

Now that you've had a chance to preview it, download here. You can also hit that link to cop a signed hard copy.


Sean Armstrong - Marble Cake Diaries

Sean Armstrong's new album Marble Cake Diaries dropped yesterday. If you're missing that classic combination of dope rhymes over dope beats, do yourself a favor and cop the album.

Don't forget to check out the visuals for Took Control.


Big K.R.I.T.: Return of 4eva Again

K.R.I.T. teams up with the legendary Michael "5000" Watts of Swisha House to chop and screw one of the frontrunners for album of the year.

Chopped and screwed isn't really my thing, but I'm intrigued.

Big K.R.I.T. & Michael "5000" Watts- Return of 4eva (Chopped & Screwed)

Also be on the lookout for K.R.I.T.'s major label debut Live From the Underground which should be dropping in Q1 of next year.


Big K.R.I.T.: Return of 4eva

Fresh off of being recognized as one of XXL's 2011 Freshmen Class, Big K.R.I.T. is back with his follow-up to last year's critically-acclaimed K.R.I.T. Wuz Here. After a short delay to perfect the album, Return of 4eva is here.

I am proud to present "Return Of 4eva" to all my supporters, I took the past year to work on this project. I reached out to some of my favorite artists that I felt represented what this album was about. Ludacris, Bun B, David Banner, Chamillionaire, Big Sant, Joi & Raheem Devaughn all helped me to make my vision of this album complete. I hope you all love it.

Big K.R.I.T.- Return of 4eva

As I tweeted last night, K.R.I.T. will be in DC next month for the next installment of The Indie Life concert series. Tickets will be on sale later this week. Cop those!


Visuals to the first single from 4eva, Dreamin'.

Just don't forget what I said about K.R.I.T. and Banner.


SmCity: The Indie Life Manual

Even though I enjoy more than my fair share of it, one of my major issues with mainstream HipHop (and the entertainment industry by extension) is the glorification of a lifestyle very few actually have the time and money to live. If you take a lot of rappers you hear on the radio at face value, their whole day consists of partying, having sex, shopping, smoking weed and drinking. Throw in a few gun shots, drug deals and rides in luxury cars and we have a reoccurring cycle of the best day ever.

I can appreciate the need to create an image that separates artists from the "common" man, but what I don't understand is the need to completely hide the work that goes into providing those amenities they love to floss, especially the artists that are actively involved in the business side of their career and other side ventures. If listeners were to simply write them off as chronic partiers without a care in the world, each and everyone one of them would be offended because it would be completely dismissive of their struggles with industry politics, budgets, marketing and personal situations that take place right alongside the puffs of weed and sips of alcohol. It's one of the reasons I love listening to indie artists.


Taxi Cab Confessions

With The Roots' How I Got Over hitting store shelves (I still by CDs) and online retailers this morning; it's only right that I show love to the second single, and my new anthem, Dear God 2.0.

Typically, during this time of the year, the majority of music that is released is upbeat, fun and heavily influenced by the warm weather and endless sunshine that evades a majority of the country during the winter. However, that kind of "happy, go lucky" mindset isn't the space that makes The Roots such a special group of artists. While others are attempting to boost their self esteem through their "Pretty Boy Swag," the Philly natives continue their quest to put megaphones and magnifying glasses in front of people society seems blissful in ignoring more often than not.

The thing about Dear God 2.0 that speaks so clearly to me is that the same conversation Black Thought is having with the man upstairs is the same one I've had on a few occasions myself. And outside of the familiarity of the song, it also highlights the commitment to allow listeners inside the mind and heart of a relatively private artist. How many artists are really doing that these days? Peep the science:

It's still me, one of your biggest fans
I get off work
right back to work again
I probably need to go ahead and have my head exam'd
Look how they got me on the Def Jam payment plan
Well I'm in the world of entertainment and
Trying to keep a singing man sane for the paying fans
If I don't make it through the night
Slight change of plans
Heart strings, angel wings and praying hands

Check out the Jason Goldwatch directed video:

In case you're like me and wondered about the "2.0" piece to the title, check out the original version by Monsters of Folk.


Before heading over to iTunes, Amazon or your favorite record store, you can preview the album right here:


The Truth is to Be Told, Not Sold

It's been said that DJs make the best producers because they know the ebbs and flows of music that people respond to. But what if the DJ grabs a mic? Is there a saying that speaks to this choice of reinvention? While there may be no adage about DJs who also MC, there is one that says no one can represent you better than you can represent yourself.

With the release of Truth Be Told, the True School DJ, widely known for speaking with his hands, is now letting Sean Armstrong, the MC, step into the light to address a few truths he feels are lacking in the game. And in an ode to the recording process of countless MCs, Truth is produced in its entirety by Dischoe.


Season's Greetings

In last week's Diamond District post I mentioned that Oddisee was just about to drop a new album. As promised, it's here and ready for your CD players, iPods and/or laptops.

Odd Winter is the third offering in this series based on the seasons. The album, a Put Me On It exclusive, is mainly comprised of instrumentals. However, frequent collaborators X.O. and Stik Figa drop by to bless two of the tracks respectively. Also contributing rhymes to the project is the U.K.'s Tranquil, who makes an appearance twice.

According to Oddisee, creating these seasonal albums, "has forced [him] to look at the seasons and time in a different way...." Having listended to Winter, I think I understand the creator's vision. Winter is a time of reflection for many, and I believe it is the underlying theme of this album. Whether it's the frigid temperatures, inclimate weather, the holidays or the new year, there's something about this season that plays a heavy role in analyzing oneself. Oddisee's take on the season is the perfect soundtrack to the process and listening to it will surely help get you to the days when warmer weather prevails.

<a href="">60901 Instrumental by oddisee</a>

Sidebar: Outside of the music, the one thing I admire most about Oddisee is his dedication to traveling. I'd be willing to bet that there is nothing higher on the list of external experiences that have influenced and shaped his sound more than seeing and experiencing the world beyond his front door.

If you've been rocking with me for awhile, then you know that I hold traveling in high regards. I've been extremely fortunate to visit an extensive amount of cities in the US and a few outside of the US. If you've ever wanted to see the world, I suggest you do it. Tomorrow isn't promised and you'd be surprised in how great the return on the investment is.


Where the Streets Have No Name

About a month ago I posted the behind the scenes/trailer of Beatnick and K-Salaam's video shoot for Don't Die. Yet, I never hit you with the actual video.

And here's album re-release on which the track is featured:

In addition to Bun B, Colin Monroe and 88 Keys, the album also features Tabi Bonney and his P-N-C, Haziq Ali; Buckshot and K'Naan.

K-Salaam & Beatnick- Where the Streets Have No Name



If you've been wondering why it's been quiet on The Paxtons front around here, it's because we've been working on places outside of the family network. If you frequent spots like TSS, then you've been seeing the support they have been showing this project.

If you haven't been paying attention, then now's your chance to check out the Chicago-bred and DC-based duo know as The Paxtons and their new album Work. Based on the 90's cult classic comedy Clerks, Work is a look into the lives of Chris and Dave. The album is completely self-produced and features The Paxtons twist on some of their favorite joints from the 90s.

Going to the job day in a day out may be something you dread, but this is the kind of work you've been waiting for.

The Paxtons- Work


Sound Wandering

A couple of months ago, I told you about VA's own Eddie and his upcoming album, Sound Wandering. If you aren't up on him or need a refresher, check it out here.

After a couple months of promo and set-up, the album is finally here. Be sure to cop it from iTunes, Rhapsody and every other digital retailer TODAY!


In the Ruff

A lot of you may have questions as to what the D.M.V. is and what it represents. For starters, it's the melting pot of two states and the country's capital city: D.C., Maryland & Virginia. For a more detailed definition, check out the D.M.V. through the eyes of Diamond District.

Individually repping each letter of the D.M.V., the members of the trio Diamond District (Oddisee, X.O. & yU) have also come together to record one of the hottest albums of the year. Not just in the area, I mean of all the albums released this year. I'm getting ahead of myself though. Peep the video to get the foundation and then check the music.

Diamond District Mini Documentary from Diamond District on Vimeo.

Oddisee Music presents Diamond District- In the Ruff (Clean Version)

For more info on Diamond District, hit them here.

Shouts to A. Bryd at I Got It For 4 Free!

Reasonable Doubt: The Remix Album

Watching the Reasonable Doubt video earlier today, I remembered that I had forgotten to show love to Inner Loop Record's Reasonable Doubt remix project.

Rather than hit you with the same Jay-Z lyrics over new beats, IRL brought some of the D.M.V.'s hottest artists and producers (Lyriciss, AB the Producer, RAtheMC, Pro'verb, K-Beta and Raheem Devaughn, among others) together to re-interpret one of HipHop's greatest albums.

Check the video of Radio Raheem in the studio, then download the album:

Raheem DeVaughn Studio Session - Reasonable Doubt Remix from Expressive Frontier Lifestyle TV on Vimeo.

Inner Loop Records presents Reasonable Doubt: The Remix Album

Shouts to Inner Loop Records!


The Ecstatic

Be on the lookout for the new album from the Mighty Mos Def.

Check the preview:

Mos Def - Words - The Ecstatic - in stores Spring 2009

Shouts to 2DB for the video!
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