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No Crossover


Basketball, football, baseball, golf, etc. No matter which is your preference, I think it's safe to say that most people have an affinity for one sport or another. A lot of times, most of the cooler talk around sports focuses on the previous night's score or some jaw-dropping play.

However, with the information age constantly giving the public more and more access to our favorite athletes, I've noticed that fans and the media are starting to look at things from a different angle. Not only do people want to know about an athlete's workout regimen and how they were able to catch that 80 yard pass or hit that 400 foot home run, they want to know about their family life and their backgrounds- even more so than say 10-15 years ago.

To this point, I've always been interested in sports documentaries. They give you another look at the individual behind the stat line. One of the best spo....*correction* documentaries I've seen to this day is Hoop Dreams, the story of two young men from Chicago who embark on a journey to play basketball in college. That film still resonates as much today as it did when it came out.



I'm a few days late on posting this, but not many people watch women's basketball. So you probably didn't see this anyway.

The Scenario

With a trip to the women's Final Four on the line and the game tied, Xavier had two open chances to score and put the pressure on the favored squad from Stanford to either tie or win the game with very little time left on the clock.

But what takes place is something much more epic; something that will forever go down in the history books of classic endings to a game, male or female. Better yet, something that will make you laugh while making your heart sink at the same time. Skip to the :45 mark to witness what words can not describe.

In case you reading this after having watched it three or more times like I did when I first saw it, your eyes are not deceiving you. Yes, Delaquese "DeeDee" Jernigan missed to open layups that would have put her team up by two with a few of seconds on the clock.

It's true that there was no guarantee that Xavier would have won the game, but I can't help but to think that the misses killed the Musketeers spirit. It was evident in the way Jernigan damn near fainted on the court when Stanford called time out, and on the faces on her teammates that were stunned, shocked and probably a little mad at what had just transpired.

I think all of those raw emotions caused a lack of focus that allowed Jeanette Pohlen to Tyus Edney a win for the Cardinals. Don't believe me? Look at the tape again. Pohlen was allowed to run freely down the court without much of a challenge from anyone besides the initial defender who took a bad angle and ended up being couple steps too slow to keep up with Pohlen.

When I watched this the first time I was stunned. The second time I laughed at the epic failure. The third time I watched it, I felt extremely bad for Jernigan. And immediately this song started playing in my head.

I bet even Chris Webber cringed when he watched this.


Dunk You Very Much

The last time J.R. Smith was featured on this blog, it wasn't because of something he did on the court. Thankfully for him, this time it is. Watch him go 360 in a game.

That wasn't the only gasp-inducing dunk this week. In the Big West Conference's tournament Cal State Fullerton's Gerard Anderson channeled the Olympic version of Vince Carter:

Just in case you don't remember the Carter dunk, here it is:

Too bad that version of VC no longer exists.


Welcome to the Gun Show

Before reading this, read this.

You would have had to have been in a coma to not have known the trouble Gilbert Arenas recently found himself in, right? So based on this trouble, what would expect a grown man to do to keep a low profile (as low as you can get starting a game in the NBA last night) while this hell fire storms around you? Is it safe to say that most everyone would keep their mouth shut, hands to the side (or on the desk), do your job and go home? Is that fair?

Gilbert is clearly not like most of us. Instead of keeping it business, check out what he did during pre-game introductions:

If you look closely at his hands, you will see that he's got his six shooters out doings his best Miss Tony (R.I.P.). According to this article, the Wizards decided to to act out a scene from Any Given Sunday that entailed a player air shooting his teamates. And they chose Arenas to play the shooter and HE DID IT! Huh? What kind of stupid is that?

Look at the picture again, I'm going to break down what you going on. Antoine Jamison (to the left; waving his had as if to say "don't do that")gave it away and the facial expressions of dudes like Deshawn Stevenson (bottom right with the Freeway beard) and Randy Foye (directly behind Arenas in the pic; throwing the towel with his mouth wide open).

It's no secret that the volatile Arenas wasn't the most popular dude in the Wizards' lockeroom, so I think someone on the team devised a plan to get rid of him. And it worked!

Seriously look at their faces. The majority of the team has the "I can't believe he did it" face. Jamison's facial expression is a mischevious grin and the hand is waving good bye, not telling him to stop. Steven is leaning back in amazement and Earl Boykins (all you see is the back of his head at the bottom) has his head down praying: "Lord help Arenas, the dude is dumber than we thought!"

Lastly, Foye is literally throwing in the towel on him. And all of this is going on while Arenas thinks they are laughing with him. Maybe now he realizes they are laughing at him.

P.S. You know it's bad when Andray Blatche (back; left center) is laughing at you.

Photo courtesy of Jesse D. Garrabrant/nbae/getty Images Photo



Fresh off the soundtrack for LeBron James's new movie, More Than a Game; Drake, Kanye West, Eminem and Lil Wayne check in with the video for one of the better new school posse cuts, Forever.

More Than a Game

The plot: "Five talented young basketball players from Akron, Ohio star in this remarkable true-life coming of age story about friendship and loyalty in the face of great adversity. Coached by a charismatic but inexperienced player's father, and led by James, the "Fab Five's" improbable seven-year journey leads them from a decrepit inner-city gym to the doorstep of a national high school championship. Along the way, the close-knit team is repeatedly tested — both on and off the court — as James' exploding worldwide celebrity threatens to destroy everything they've set out to achieve together."

Here's the trailer:

The movie drops next Friday (10/2) and looks to be a great one.

Shouts to Yahoo for the plot info!


Off the Scoreboard...Off the Floor...

...nothing but net!

If you spent any time in the 90's then these words should instantly remind you of this commercial:

As great as that Jordan and Bird commercial series is, nothing beats seeing it live. Today on MSN, I saw this:

Last year, the NBA brought back H.O.R.S.E. Kansas State's Denis Clement needs to be sent an invitation immediately.


Who Knew?

Laugh if you want to, but I really rock with Pink's joint. However, this has nothing to do with her. It's probably the furthest thing from it, but it's definitely interesting.

I was watching TV one day and half way through this Nike commercial I noticed that it featured Kevin Durant. I know a commercial with a basketball player endorsing tennis shoes is nothing new, but it was KD rappin' that threw me off.

I don't know the guy, so I have no idea how he interacts on a day to day basis. Based on the interviews I've seen, he just strikes me as a quiet and reserved dude. I guess I was wrong.

Check out Kevin Durant getting his '88 Pro Africa on in the latest Nike commercial:

Having now seen the LP version of the commercial, this ish is hilarious. Why does Mo Williams look right at home getting his Soul Glow on? How come Philly's new A.I. looks like LeBron? How come Rashard "H.G.H." Lewis looks like a ghetto Karl Malone from '89?

You have to give Nike and their [ad]agency of record credit for continuously hitting us with creative and entertaing commercials.



Yesterday, word leaked out that J.R. Smith could be using his Twitter page for purposes other than telling the world what he was doing. Apparently, Smith was using his 140 characters to "soo woo" for all the world to see and read. According to the article, Smith was replacing, "words that would have a "C" in them [and] replacing [them] with 'K,' or if a word has both in them, the 'C' [was] removed altogether."

Today, Smith shut down his Twitter account altogether, assumingly, because of all the controversy his letter choice caused.

I didn't follow Smith on Twitter so I have no idea what his afiliations, if any, are, but let this be a lesson to any high profile Tweeter. Live you life and share it as you desire, but be smart about what you type. Why in the hell would an NBA player bring unwanted attention to himself by representing for the hood in this type of forum.

Some will argue that Lil Wayne and countless other rappers aren't held to the same standards, so why is Smith's right to free speech under fire. The answer is simple- they don't work for David Stern and major sponsors who easily separate the entertainment of music and the business of sponsorship.

I wonder if the creators of Twitter ever thought their invention would ever lead to ish like this.


I was catching up on some old Bill Simmons articles, when I was hipped to the following video. Allen Iverson speaks to promote his student athlete scholarship program. According to Simmons, "it [is] one of the best three minutes of the sports year." Check it out and see if you agree.

It's interesting to see a glimpse inside the real Allen Iverson. Having lived in his hometown for five years, I have seen firsthand how much the community loves and supports him. It's nice to know that people outside of the Tidewater area are now getting a chance to see him in a different light.

Since being convicted for his role in "mob-like" bowling alley "brawl" in high school, Allen Iverson has been a marked man. He was a star athlete in both football and basketball at the time of his sentencing of five years. A couple of months after life behind bars, Iverson was pardoned by Governor Douglass Wilder.

When he came to the league, the perception of a thugged out kid grew to astronomical proportions when he single-handedly ushered in the braids era and showcased his million and one tattoos every night on the court. Iverson didn't always do things to change the image, but I always appreciated his desire to be honest. Need proof? Repeat after me, "practice? we're talking about practice. Not a game! Practice?"

Seventeen years removed from the high school incident most would have let destroy them, Iverson has come a long way. He speaks truths that people who only see the tattoos may not have ever thought he could. Perhaps what they failed to realize was that the tattoos were coverage for a man who wears his heart on his sleeve and prefers to let his dedication to the the game of basketball speak for him.

BTW, in his article Simmons talks about an upcoming documentary on Iverson called The Trial of Allen Iverson. In regards to the film, Simmons says:
It has a chance to become one of the most important sports documentaries ever. Why? Because you will never think of Iverson the same way again. You will like him. You will feel bad for him. You will connect with him. You will admire him in a way you never imagined. After witnessing what he endured legally and racially -- how unfair it was, how un-American it was -- and marveling at the dignity he showed as he put his life back together afterward, I promise, you will never bet against this guy.
I can't wait to see it.

Fact check: Daily Press


Come On Lebron

Is this what all the fuss is about?

Gotta say I lost some respect for LBJ on this one.

Shout out to for the video!


Shots Fired at LBJ

I knew it was only a matter of time before some other players in the league began clowning Lebron about getting dunked on at his own camp. However, I didn't expect the first shot to come from #24 aka The Black Mamba himself.

And of course, leave it to ESPN to sice it....

Should've just let the video get out LBJ. I wonder if Nike is going to be coming out with some more puppet commercials with #24 dunking on #23 at his own camp. That'd be good and I'd pay a $1 to watch it.


Sir Charles Is At It Again

So, Charles Barkley is easily one of the most polarizing individuals on TV today. Most people are fans of his from his playing days, while even more people know about him because of soundbites and offbeat comments. Well, since his return from his suspension a few months ago, Sir Charles had been behaving pretty well...until now. Here's video of him on TNT's after game broadcast of Game 6 of the Cleveland-Orlando series, calling his producer a pu**y while on-air.


LeBron on 60 Minutes


Presidential Picks

Cue that Yung Joc, because "it's going down!"

We are 59 minutes away from the official start of the Men's College Basketball Tournament. I figure what better way to get the day started than by getting picks from the States' number one citizen, President Barrack Obama.


Congrats to Morgan State

While I'm on my tourney ish, I have to give props to Morgan State. For the first time ever the Bears are going to the Big Dance. My alma mater made a big splash with a win over Iowa State a few years ago, here's to hoping you can do the same.

Represent the MEAC (and B-More) well, fellas!


GMB Fly Society- Ain't Nothing Like a Morgan Girl

Shouts to B-More Fab for the video!

Tourney Time

If you are any kind of sports fan, then you know March Madness is in full effect. In the spirit of friendly competition, we extend an invitation to you to join the Team Graviti Basketball Tourney Challenge group.

Hosted by CBS Sports, the Team Graviti Basketball Tourney Challenge gives you yet another opportunity to prove to your friends, and the world, that you have the perfect mix of skill, knowledge and luck to be the last man/woman standing. And let's face it, you can never have enough brackets, right?

Here are the details:

You are invited to join our online NCAA March Madness bracket
group! To accept this invitation and join the group, click
the link below (or cut and paste the link into your
browser's address bar). You'll be asked to enter the group's
password before you can join. The group password is included

Team Graviti password is: winners


We Got Dunks

Appreciate dunks? Check out 6'2" Jeff Teague dropping the hammer on 6'7" Dave Neal from Maryland.


JabbaWockeez Unmasked

Last week, G9 posted footage of Shaq performing with the JabbaWockeez during the introductions of the NBA All Star game. Now check them out jamming with Kevin Durant, Kevin Garnett and Dwayne Wade during All Star weekend.

Looks like it was a lot of fun for everyone.

Things to Notice:

When Kevin Durant emerges from his shell, you see that he does have personality.

Kevin Garnett is HipHop

I'm not sure if the guy in the blue shirt was auditioning for the best dancer or the best sripper.


All-Star Blues

Remember when you were younger and you just couldn't wait to see all of your favorite NBA players get together to put on a show during All-Star weekend? From the hoopla associated with the dunk contest to the game itself, the NBA All-Star game prided itself on being (only baseball purists will argue this) the best of all of the major sports All-Star games. Before free agency really started kicking in, where else could you see A.I. throw an alley-oop to KG? Or Duncan finding Kobe on the wing for a 3? Or how about just knowing that at any moment during the game, you could see some graviti defying dunk that would just leave you speechless?

It's been a while since I felt that way about the All-Star game. The dunk contest has moved from being the premier event to an almost afterthought. And the other events? Well, they're not even worth mentioning. So that brings us to the game itself. Not sure when I stopped really caring about the game. Maybe it was when MJ retired...the first time. Regardless of when it was, I can definitely tell you the reason why: the game lost its luster. There was no excitement, no big personalities to make things interesting.....

.....and then there was Shaq. Lets face it, Shaq is probably the biggest personality in the NBA. From the sound bites to the nicknames, Shaq definitely keeps things interesting. So when everybody else is playing it cool during intros, what does The Big Shaqtus do to give us that excitement we crave? Well lets just say this is one of those moments when the video speaks louder than words:

Shaquille O'Neal 2009 All-Star Intro


Shouts to EPMD

Just watch...

For all of you slow people, that's the Crossover.

Which got me to thinking about this...

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