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Ozzie & Ruby

Jay-Z and Beyonce aren't the HipHop generation's first married couple, but they are by far the most watched and talked about. The public and media are on them like The Police- every breath [they] take, every move [they] make, we are watching them. And it goes beyond just watching. We have even become body language and psychology experts that analyze every movement, word and action for interpretation of how they really feel about each other. It's no wonder they try to remain so private in the middle of the public eye of the storm.

Recently though, there seems to be an increase in public affection towards the two. Maybe they are becoming comfortable in the notion of being HipHop's version of Ozzie Davis and Ruby Dee. I can only hope Jay-Z and Beyonce follow the blueprint.

This past Friday, Jay-Z performed as the headlining act at Coachella, a three-day festival held in the desert of California. Peep some of the footage from the event, including Hov bringing the misses on stage to perform Young Forever, after the jump.


Bey-Z F. Baby

Have you heard the rumor about Jay-Z and Beyonce being pregnant?

It's the Real did and they have some interesting commentary on what could be expected by this little bundle of joy.

Slide of tongue humor at it's finest.


Sweet Dreams

I may be visually biased, but I tend to like every video Beyonce gyrates in. Sue me.

Since the video for Sweet Dreams dropped I've seen a lot of talk of laziness and recreating the Single Ladies video. Having just watched the video, something other than the Single Ladies.

Do you remember Robert Palmer?

In 1985 Palmer dropped one of the most recognized and parodied videos ever when he debuted Addicted to Love.

Then he came back two years later and dropped Simply Irresistible, which featured a very similar theme.

While it may be easy to bash Beyonce for putting out two videos with a lot of similarities, there is a precedence for doing so. Addicted to Love was a number one single and Simply Irresistible went to #2. So if any artist is going to follow in the footsteps of someone who's walked the path before, they could do a lot worst than Robert Palmer.

Info used in this posts courtesy of Wikipedia.


At Last

Inspired by this:

I give you the original:

And as a bonus:

I'm actually looking forward to this movie, not because I think it will be great, but because it will hip me to some real music that I will need to go check out. Ray did it, and I expect this movie to do the same.


December 4th

Yesterday was Jay-Z's birthday, but I came across this video this morning. Looks like Mrs. Carter hooked it up.

The funniest part is how they spliced in the footage of him being harassed by the Boys in Blue.

Then on the flip side you have this:

If you're wondering where this is coming from, check this out: Ludacris ft Nas & Jay-Z- I Do It For HipHop.

Shouts to Gotty™ over at TSS for the video links!


C'mon Maaaannnn!

I haven't listened to it yet, but can we agree that Kelly's time should be up by now? Seriously, does he really have to remix songs because no one cares anymore- guilty or not!

On second thought, it is better than his other hobby.
Shouts to DJ Skee for the link!

The 2008 AMA's

Last night the American Music Awards were on and, for the first time ever, the association that puts these awards on included the public's vote. I'm not sure how much the public influenced the vote, but I would say there was some influence. Chris Brown winning artist of the year, anyone?

Overall, the show was just alright. One of the worst things about it was the sound. Sometimes you could barely hear anything other than the music. However, there were some performances that should be noted.

I would put a ring (and everything else I own) on it:

But most people think I'm:

The thing is, I'm just looking for a:

Oh, and Kathleen Battle for the win (FTW)!

Bonus: The Fray's new song. I like it.

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