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The Kirkout Hour- The New Jack Swingin'

It's been a minute since Boney Starks checked in with a new edition of his always dope podcast. Thankfully, he's back in the swing of things. As the artwork above indicates, this month's podcast highlights the sound created and popularized by Teddy Riley. If you were anywhere near a radio or TV with a video show on it in the late 80's through the 90's, it's almost impossible to have not heard the style of R&B known as "New Jack Swing." 

Starting with Riley's own group Guy and reaching all the way up to Michael Jackson, the greatest artist ever, New Jack Swing became an unstoppable force by bridging the gap and blurring the lines between R&B and HipHop. I know some may argue that it also lead to HipHop becoming watered down, but
"New Jack Swing" did a lot to help legitimize HipHop when it was still fighting for respect in both music and from the masses. It almost seems unthinkable today, but HipHop may not have become the force that it is today without the introduction of a "softer side."

Teddy Riley will go down in history as a game changer. The style genre he created may not sound exactly the same, but you hear its influence every day in 99% of the songs playing on your favorite radio station. Long live "New Jack Swing."

Boney Starks presents The Kirkout Hour- New Jack Swing Edition


Child's Play

We are all kids at heart. No matter how "mature" or "grown" we think we are, the imaginative kid that dreamed the impossible still resides within. Unfortunately, for some, finding that kid is difficult. Growing up has forced many to bury the kid so deep that they almost forget it ever existed.

On the other hand, you have people like me. Depending on who you ask, I'm too old to be young and to young to be old. I've been called both "old man" and "immature" on more than one occassion, many of these occurences happening within hours of each other.

If you're having trouble finding the kid inside or you're looking for a place to let your's run free, DYDC, DC to BC,  The Gee Pee and The Con Artist Guild have the event for you. Tomorrow at Upshur Park in DC, come through for a day of games, food, music, fellowship and charity. In addition to creating a day of fun, the creators of Child's Play's, "goal is to raise enough to sponsor a cobblestone to be placed on the paths of the Memorial Plaza, a beautifully landscaped space surrounding the Memorial," through a donation to the National September 11 Memorial and Museum (Just in case you've forgotten- tomorrow is 9/11.)

Come out tomorrow for a day of freindly competition, music provided by DJs Jerome Baker III and Tom Lin and pictures by Boney Starks. It's going to be a great look for a great cause!

Shouts to my dude Modi and Adrian!


The Kirkout Hour: Dear Summer

After a nearly two-month hiatus, Boney Starks is back with another edition of his Kirkout Hour podcast. This time around he's featuring new music from Kanye, Rick Ross, Curren$y, The Roots, Drake and Big Boi. In addition, Starks also pulls a few classics out of the vaults like the original version to Lil Kim's/Lil Cease's Crush on You, Mase's 24 Hours to Live, DMX's Get At Me Dog and Biggie's I Gotta Story to Tell.

If you love HipHop (and R&B) and love to hear a perfect mix of classic material and new joints, then you should be listening to this podcast.

The Kirkout Hour July Edition


Picnic de Roots

I had an extremely good reason to miss this year's Roots Picnic, but thanks to the homie Boney Starks and Twitter, I was able to get a little of experience. Check out these selected flicks from Boney Starks and then click through to check out the entire set (116 deep).

To see the full set, click here: Boney Starks.

If I'm not mistaken, you can holla at Starks for prints of any of shots from The Roots picnic or any of the other sets.


The Kirkout Hour: Strictly For the Jeep

The homie, Boney Starks, also known as "the Black Jesus" has been on a tear lately. He's been churning out his extremely popular Kirkout Hour podcasts at an increasingly growing rate.

This time around Starks delivers classic RnB hits from the well-revered 90s era. While the majority of the songs lean towards the second half of the decade, you'll still hear classics from Mary J. Blige, Adina Howard, Xscape and Groove Theory, which then lead into classics from Carl Thomas, Toni Braxton, Donnell Jones, 702 and a few others I'll leave in suspense.

If you've really been paying attention, you'd know that Starks selections have been on point from the beginning. You'd also notice that he's been using different equipment that is enhancing the delivery of the songs. The only thing we could ask is that he return to the mic and deliver some of his trademark comedic observations.

The Kirkout Hour- Strictly For the Jeeps Vol. I


The Kirkout Hour: May Edition

My dude Boney Starks is back with another edition of his increasingly popular podcast, The Kirkout Hour. the last two editions of the 'cast featured tributes to Dilla and A Tribe Called Quest, but in this springtime jumpoff, Starks returns to his original formula of putting together an hour of quality music.

Featured artists include the likes of proven vets like Biggie, Bun B, Fat Joe and Prodigy; young spitters at the top of their game like Jeezy, Drake, Lupe and Jay Electronica; and a young gunner who's latest mixtape, From the West with Love, is currently one of the most talked about mixtapes right now. Also featured are two joints from a rising star in the making, God Jewels. To close out the 'cast Starks drops back-to-back joints from his peoples Little Brother; beginning with Tay's Tigallo for Dolo and finishing with the appropriate, Curtain Call.

Once again Boney Starks has delivered a highly enjoyable collection of HipHop that keeps your head bobbing from beginning to end. Download it and get with the program.

The Kirkout Hour (05/10)


We Burning

#CmonSon you shouldn't be even guessing at this point. I'm still sticking to the script.

B-More's Greenspan is checking in with his tribute to the day at hand with his new joint We Burning.

Be on the lookout for Greenspan's new mixtape Got Green 2 dropping soon.

Until then, rock to We Burning and come through the Red Maple tonight to see him perform alongside D.C.'s X.O. and B-More's Tony Fly at this week's edition of Always Dope.

Shouts to my dude Boney Starks on the pic. Holla at him for all of your photography needs.


The Kirkout Hour: A Quest Called Tribe

Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s time to Kirkout to one of the best podcasts on the net once again. This time around Boney Starks is keeping it tributary, by honoring none other than one of the G.G.O.A.T. (Greatest Groups of All Time): A Tribe Called Quest.

There’s not a lot that needs to be said about these brothers from Queens. They killed the late 80’s and early 90’s with albums that influenced every “backpack,” “hipster” or “alternative” rapper out today. And don’t get it twisted, they influenced the thugs too. Simply put: Everyone has at least three ATCQ favorites, whether you lived them when they dropped or you went back to do the knowledge.

In addition to hitting you with those classic ATCQ songs you love to hear again and again, Starks also mixes in some of the source material that lead to the samples Q-Tip and The Ummah used to create these timeless pieces of music. Here a quick list of what you’ll hear:

Bonita Applebum Can I Kick It? Left My Wallet in El Segundo Butter
Scenario Verses From the Abstract Check the Rhyme We Got Jazz
Award Tour Lyrics to Go Stressed Out (rmx) Find A Way

As a huge ATCQ fan, this tribute came through like a gift from heaven. As much as I like listening to the individual albums, it’s always a good look when you can press play once and listen to some of the greatest material in their catalog. I know you smartass, tech- loving iPoders are screaming, “Make an f-ing playlist.” But that’s why this is a gift from heaven. Starks did it, so I no longer have to.

I generally end these posts with a suggestive statement of why you should be downloading and listening. I will refrain from doing so this go around, and simply say: It’s A Tribe Called Quest for nearly two hours. How do you not need this in your life?

The Kirkout Hour: A Quest Called Tribe

I see my suggestion of hearing Starks drop a few nuggets of info on why he picked these songs or on the legacy of ATCQ went unnoticed, but that is okay. Through this and the Dilla tribute, I am now accustomed to not hearing him, which makes for a better listening experience anyway.

[Triumph the Insult Comic Dog]I keed, I keed[/Triumph the Insult Comic Dog].


The Kirkout Hour: Jay Dilla Tribute

In his latest Kirkout Out Hour podcast, the homie Boney Starks took some time out of his regularly scheduled programming to put together a tribute to J. Dilla. This tribute is perfect for Dilla fans who haven't heard some of the selected joints in awhile or for those who aren't familiar with some of his best work. Songs featured throughout this two-hour tribute include a mixture of instrumentals, joints he did for other artists (De La Soul, Common, The Pharcyde, Q-Tip, etc.) and joints he kept for himself and the group that helped to make him famous- Slum Village.

As enjoyable as I found this 'cast to be, there was something missing. As one song moved into the next, I often found myself waiting for Boney to jump in and add his trademark commentary and humor. It would have been nice to hear him speak on Dilla and why he selected the songs that he did.

Despite the silence of Starks, you need this tribute in your life if you consider yourself a fan of real HipHop. Download it now!

The Kirkout Hour: J. Dilla Tribute

P/S- Word on the street is another tribute is in the works for one of the greatest groups to ever grace a HipHop stage. Stay tuned!


The Kirkout Hour

Boney Starks is back at it with the latest addition of The Kirk Out Hour. In this episode he talks about the concept of haters, the love and eventual hate for Jay Electronica and the whether or not groups in HipHop are meant to be.

On the musical tip, you'll hear classic tracks from Scarface; De La Soul; Jay-Z and Big Pun and new tracks from vets Ghostface and Raekwon. For the new schoolers, you'll catch the vibe rocking to joints from Rhymefest, Lupe, Mayer Hawthorne and Wale.

Trust me, you need to get up on this podcast. It's a perfect mix of music, humor and commentary and a great way to push through two hours of your day.

The Kirkout Hour


The Kirkout Hour

My man Boney Starks just dropped a new edition of his podcast, The Kirk Out Hour. This two hour journey through HipHop features music from everyone from Easy E to Ice Cube to Mos Def to Mobb Deep and humorous commentary from one of the funniest people I know. If you need a little audio intercourse to get you through the day, you definitely need to check it out.

The Kirk Out Hour

Sidenote: In addition to being a HipHop afficianado, Boney is an excellent photographer. If you need some flicks, hit him up BoneyStarks [at] gmail.


Boney posted the link to this earlier today on Twitter:

#Hilarious #Classic
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