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Killer Videos

CurT@!n$ latest mixtape massacre, Killer Tape, went up yesterday. Today, a few visuals bring G.O.D. Pt. III, God Bless and Bodies to life.

But only if you...


Where's My Killer Tape?

CurT@!n$ isn't new to drawing inspiration from the Wu-Tang Clan. So I immediately thought of this skit as soon as I heard that he was calling his new mixtape Killer Tape.

Before getting to the tape, check out CurT@!n$ breaking down how Killer Tape came to be.

Killer Tape features CurT@!n$ doing what he does best- attacking each beat with the aggression of a preying mantis while maintaining the balance between revolutionary MC and style icon in-the-making.

CurT@!n$- Killer Tape


2 Dope Boyz

The may not be Outkast, but didn't stop CurT@!n$ and Dom Kennedy from riding in a Cadillac for the visuals for 2 Sports Cars, the first single/leak from the recently released The Dissertation.

As you will notice from the track, The Dissertation is CurT@!n$ ode to one of the fiercest groups to ever grab a mic- the Wu-Tang Clan. If you haven't downloaded, stop pussyfooting and click the link.


The Dissertation

While The Juice Crew, Native Tongues, Hit Squad and many others have made a huge impact on HipHop, the crew that made one of the largest imprints on HipHop is a collective of nine MCs from Staten Island (for the most part) known as The Wu-Tang Clan.

From '93 to '97 no crew that made more impact on HipHop than the "Shaolin Monks." They literally were the Voltron of HipHop. Collectively, they destroyed the game with Enter the Wu-Tang Clan: 36 Chambers and it's follow-up Forever. Individually, they blanketed the game with an unprecedented string of back-to-back platinum and gold solo albums, all while introducing the term "ice" and the concept of multiple aliases. And don't get it twisted, the reign didn't really end in '97. The Bad boy era may have ruled the day, but The Wu was still making noise. Now seventeen years later, Raekwon and Ghostface remain at the top of their game, having both released critically acclaimed albums in '09.

Enter CurT@!n$.



Much like the Hugh Jackman's character in the movie made famous by the guest appearance of Hallie Berry's twins, CurT@!n$ is interested in one thing- protecting his seed. While it was a little more literal in the movie, CurT@!n$ seed is that of inspiration. If you've paid any attention to his interviews the underlying message he conveys is living your dreams on your own terms.

So even though it's been a couple of months since I posted the trailer for CurT@!n$' third installment of his "Letter" series without having seen the actual video, you should know that one of the entities that inspired him may be to blame.

Last week, he released the audio to Letter to the People III, and this week he's gearing up to release a new mixtape inspired by the Wu-Tang Clan. The first single, 2 Sports Cars, from the project features CurT@!n$ and Dom Kennedy channeling Raekwon and Ghostface over the Wu's The M.G.M.

CurT@!n$- Letter to the People Pt. III

CurT@!n$ ft Dom Kennedy- 2 Sports Cars

The Dissertation: Wu Thesis drops on July 31!

Bonus: One of my favorite tracks from Dom's From Westside with Love

Dom Kennedy- 1997


Labels, Limits and Life

In the very first episode of the new web series, The Butcher's Block, CurT@!n$ sits down with Frank the Butcher to talk about the concepts of labels, limits and life.

TBB TV SEASON 1 / EPISODE 1: I AM CURT@!N$ from The Buther's Block on Vimeo.

It's been a little over a year since Dope Boy C dropped a full-length project, so now's the perfect time to revisit Dope For President.


More Letters

A week ago I posted videos for parts one and two of CurT@!n$ Letter to the People series. Never one to rest, CurT@!n$ has already lined up a third part. Peep the trailer as the BK/LA MC looks like he's taking this one to the hills.

I like where this is headed.


I'm Ill

If you've ever wondered why I rock with the kid CurT@!n$, please press play and pay close attention to his Letter to the People:

Trendsetter even though I be lowkey
your new ish
I was that back in '03
Part II

Cause nuhs use the word friend
and that sh!t phony
so when Manolo got killed
I can't forgive Tony
you realize when you're older
that less squares make your circle get smaller
I had to clear out the snakes from my corner
it take a G.I. Joe to get the Cobra

Seriously! Do you need more proof that the kid is nice?


CurT@!n$- Letter to the People Pt. I


SXSW: Scotch Scorsese Edition I

I know I'm late as hell on posting some of the footage I captured at SXSW, but it's taken me some time to process all that went down, all the people I met, all the artists I got to see and just the overall event itself.

The other thing that has taken so long is that I wanted to edit the video and produce something that was high quality. For the most part I failed at doing so, but check out my first forays into capturing a live performance and trying to keep the footage live like you're really there.

The first clip features Homeboy Sandman dropping a pretty dope verse about the poisons of the food we consume. I understand that this may not appeal to all, but I thought the 'style was ill. From there we move on to a dude who's got a big buzz right now, so much that he recently signed a deal with Interscope records. His name is Yelawolf, he's from Alabama, and I promise that you will not see this coming. I actually have more to say, but that will be later this week.

The last artist in the first clip is CurT@!n$. I've been posting music, interviews and videos from this guy for a minute, so it was great to see how it all played out live. He simply did not disappoint. For whatever reason, I tried to be extra in the editing process of his performance. I go back and forth with whether it turned out right or not, but enjoy the energy. There is no way I could have taken that away.

Check it out after the jump.


Smoke N Dope

The words smoke and dope are as synonymous as water and wet. In this case, the drug of choice is beats and rhymes. Check out the visuals to one of the best tracks off of Smoke DZA's mixtape, Substance Abuse.

The vid was directed by Visually Inklined and comes courtesy of Cinematic Music Group and GFCNY.

Don't forget to check to download Substance Abuse by clicking the link above.


True CurT@!n$ Stories

Mr. Soundbite himself, CurT@!n$, recently sat down with True Stories Radio. During the interview Dope Boy C talks his recent interview about the industry, the concept of buzz and the impact of Drake's So Far Gone in comparison to other freshmen who dropped debut albums.

I should probably be the last person to be saying this, but the internet has provided folks with a platform to speak who probably should be quiet. No disrespect to the host, but homie was talking kinda crazy during the Drake portion of the convo. Whether or not Drake should have had an album out is debatable because it's not like you don't hear the dude on the radio 50-11 times a day.

Getting back to CurT@!nS, the reason I find this dude intriguing is because, through the arrogance, I hear the intelligence. And I see how it shapes the moves he's making.

Keep watching. It can only get better.



The Dope Boy keeps the intensity on high. Check out the video for his banger, Exodus. Then check out some footage of his performance at Leaders of the New Cool about a month ago.


Live (along with some other joints) from on Vimeo.

I need to do some research and see if this dude is going to be at SXSW.


Invisible Man

While filming Smoke Dza's collab with CurT@!n$, "Smoke & Dope," Cinematic TV was called to duty to shoot some footage of Dope Boy C airing out the industry.

Through the arrogance, he makes some great points.

Shouts to GFCNY!


Curt@!n$ Gets F.A.D.E.D.

Dope Boy C recently sat down with F.A.D.E.D. to talk about the differnces between NY and LA, owning your own brand and his long term goals for his non-music ventures.

"I'm really not the biggest fan of the music industry, but I love making music..."

Sidebar: It will be interested to see how NYCers responded to the Ying Yang-like "haaa" that Curt@!n$ has adopted because something tells me they murdered the ATLiens for doing virtually the same thing.


Curt@!n$- Revelations


Substance Abuse

Last week, GFCNY's Smoke DZA released his highly anticipated mixtape Substance Abuse. As indicated by the title and the titles of the songs, this mixtape is an ode to all things herbal essences.

The project features the very well-known herbal supporter, Devin the Dude, and other up-and-coming artists such as Mickey Factz, Nipsey Hussle, Cory Gunz and CurT@!n$.

Before we get to the music, check this out:

Smoke Dza- Substance Abuse


Bringing Back the Uber Superstar

Looks like CurT@In$ is making the rounds these days. Here he checks in with Karmaloop TV to talk about everything from what he's bringing to music to breaking down his name to Martin Louis the King Jr. calling him a fashion genius.

Part II

CurT@!nS talks about producing, gives some advice to up and coming rappers and his plans for the future.

It's CurT@!n$

Vimby caught up with CurT@In$ in the studio listening to potential beats for his upcoming album entitled, A Beautiful Mind. Check the scene as he breaks down what he looks for in a beat and how he goes about creating songs.

I'm definitely looking forward to the album.


A Brave New World

Straight from the source:
A Brave New World is the soundtrack for the story of Gommi Arcadian, a citizen of a city-nation called Neo-Tokyo, in the year 2025. Produced by GFCnewyork, it’s a sonic expession of the Gommi Arcade brand. Full of sci-fi film references and futuristic sounds the score is a daring execution of evolved, thought-provoking music featuring a host of bubbling artists such as Mickey Factz, Theophilus London, CurT@!n$, Jade and more. Collectively, it pushes hip-hop forward into the electronic realm, dabbling in rock and R&B as well. The result is an adventurous stream of cinematic sounds made for A Brave New World.

1. Gommi Arcade- Plug In
2. Print- Who Am I feat. Theophilus London
3. B.o.B- Ghost In The Machine
4. Japanese Cartoon- Heirplanes
5. Mickey Factz- Machine Gun
6. CurT@!n$-911 Is A Joke
7. Machinedrum- Roll & Feel
8. Mickey Factz- Glitch
9. Christian Rich- The Same Mundane
10. Jade- Beautiful Problems
11. CurT@!n$ - A Brave New World Speech
12. Theophilus London- Hero
13. Mickey Factz- Here I Am
14. FeRRis LO'- Plug Out (Feel The Surface)

GOMMI ARCADE x GFCnewyork Presents: A Brave New World

Shouts to Mickey Factz!


Vote for Dope!

Nowadays, there are a million and one opportunities for you to vote. Every four years there's the option to vote for the president of the United States. Just about everyday on some reality TV show, there's an opportunity for you to vote for everything from who you want to win to who you think needs a makeover more.

Whether life altering or frivilous, voting gives you a chance to stand out from the crowd and exercise your right to influence something on a grand scale. Today, you get another opportunity to let your opinion be heard.

You've seen the videos where Curt@!n$ announced his platform, so in this time of need, we need to be focused on someone who is carving his own lane giving the masses and alternative view of what contemporary HipHop is and does.

Make the right choice and vote for Dope!

The polls are open, vote now.

Shouts to Curt@!n$!


Not only is the name of this new Curt@!n$ joint featuring Tyrese named Tomorrow, but his Dope For President project drops tomorrow.

Check for it on HSL and then on graviti.
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