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Mix: Spinser Tracy - The Diamond Mix

It's Tuesday afternoon, you just finished lunch and the boredom of the day, along with the Itis, is starting to set in. Luckily for you, Spinser Tracy has a cool mix to get your blood flowing.

The diamond part will be obvious once this eclectic mix of soul, pop, HipHop, dance, etc. gets going. If you need a little Prince, Yeezus or joints you haven't heard in awhile or ever at all, this mix is for you.


Pardon the Interruption

No one likes to have a boss, colleague or customer looking over their shoulder as they work because it's annoying. The next time you're in the club/bar/lounge and you want to make an unsolicited request, remember the DJ is at work and being paid to do what he or she does best. Otherwise, you might end up like this couple:

Did Kid Capri need to call them out like that, not really. But if there is one DJ who has earned the right to "do him," wouldn't he been in the top five? In the same way that you don't need the intern telling you how to close a project, party goers need to remember this the next time they get the urge to make a request. It may not go down exactly like this, but do you want to run the risk of everyone giving you the side eye or yelling out "you need more people," cause you killed the vibe?

Sidebar: I'd like to put in an early request. At my funeral, skip the old negro spirituals like I'll Fly Away and play Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth's T.R.O.Y. (They Reminisce Over You). I'm dead serious (pun intended)!



Personal Fact: To help get me through the work day, I typically listen to a lot of music.

Captain Obvious Fact: This does not make me special or different from millions of other people in the world.

Personal Fact: I still felt the need to tell you this.

Lately, one of the biggest suppliers of musical masterpieces to keep the day moving has been from D.C.'s DJ Premonition; most notably, his Monday Mix series.

Depending on how long you've been down with graviti, you may recall that Premonition served as mixologist for The Paxtons' Members Only mixtape. If not, it's definitely worth a listen as Premonition does his thing without killing the quality of the tape. As a matter of fact, one of the most refreshing things about his mixes is that there is deliberate quietness to them. Rather than inundate you with 10,000 shout outs, ad libs, laughs and commentary, Premonition lets his hands do the talking while he displays his mixing and scratching technique.

Rather than keep this to myself, I figured it was only right to share it with you. Check out one of my favorite mixes:

<a href="">Music Monday Mix #008 by DJ Premonition</a>

If you're wondering why this mix is one of my favorites, the answer can only be summed up this way: D.I.T.C. From Showbiz and AG to OC & Big L to Diamond D, this mix is full of members of the underground legends Diggin' In the Crates crew. A crew that doesn't typically get enough propers. The fact that Premonition threw them all on this mix may have been by chance, but the end product is top notch enjoyment.

To get your hands and ears on the entire Monday Mix series, along with some other gems, hit Premonition here.

About Premonition:

The Chicago born and bred DJ made a name for himself in the D.M.V. as one of the hottest on the campus of Howard University, but it didn't end on Gerogia Ave. Students from Georgetown to George Washington to George Mason all made Premonition one of the most requested DJs on the college scene.

Taking the next step, Premonition moved on to some of the hottest clubs and lounges in D.C., including his current residencies at Fur on Friday's and Saturday's at Indulj. For more information on Premonition, check him out on his site:


DJ Scratch vs. DJ Premier

Two legendary DJs going back and forth playing classic material. What more do could you ask for?

DJ Premier vs. DJ Scratch in Red Hook (Video) from Digiwaxx TV on Vimeo.

Shouts to DJ Evil Dee (of Black Moon) for also blessing this vid.

This is that classic HipHop ish that I love!

Shouts to DJ Hotsauce!


Premo ATL

DJ Jelly recently caught up with super producer, DJ Premier at the Slaughterhouse record release party in ATL. Catch him talking about everything from why he doesn't have a beat on the Slaughterhouse project to his invlovement in Royce da 5-9's new record to the potential of a new Gangstarr album.

As The World Spins DJ Premier Interview! from DJ Hotsauce on Vimeo.

As big of a Gangstarr fan as I am, I'm not sure I want to hear another Gangstarr album. I would, however, love to hear a Nas and Premo or Hov and Premo album. Someone with the right connects needs to make that happen.

Shouts to 2DB!


The Guest List: Theo London & Atrak Edition

Catch up Theo London as he is interviewed while on the 10,000lb Hamburger tour. He speaks on everything from learning to talk to women to his favorite joint off his last project to the top five artists he would sign (dead or alive) if he had a record label.

You'll also catch some different angles of Atrak's opening sequence for the show in San Fran that I posted a couple weeks ago.

TGL - Theophilus London & A-Trak on The Guest List from BeatStreetS on Vimeo.

Menudo? Really? That's your number one draft pick?


Cold Pillow live in NYC with Jesse Boykins:

Shouts to Theo London! Also special shouts to The Guest List for a well put together video!


DJ Hero

Awhile back, we told you about the DJ equivalent to Guitar Hero. Check out DJ Jazzy Jeff speaking on his involvement in the project, his history as a DJ and what the game could mean to you in terms of a potential career:

DJ Hero, the videogame, announces DJ Jazzy Jeff's participation from Miss Info on Vimeo.

I'm not big on video games, but I definitely need to cop this.


Grandmaster Flash on being included in the game:

Shouts to Miss Info!

Atrak Opens in San Fran

I am kicking myself for not doing my research and checking out what was going on in San Fran a couple weeks ago. I was out there for the j.o.b. and left the night of this show. I could have easily stayed one more night and made this happen, but I really wanted to get back home. Such is life.

Check out this footage of Atrak's opening sequence. You can barely see him, but there's a really cool advantage to where the videographer is sitting- you get a pretty cool look at the light show and how they are prgrammed to move with the music. Catch the electro vibe, yall:

Shouts to Theo London for the footage!


No Rap in Kansas City

It's ridiculous to think that in 2009 rap music would still be banned from getting played in certain places, but it's not. Check out this video from the Bacardi B-Live tour stop in Kansas City where Jazzy Jeff is forced to walk out on his set and Skillz gets thrown out of the venue:

Shouts to Fader for the video!


Live @ Entourage

Check out DJ Benzi spinnning in Oslo, Norway:

DJ Benzi | Live @ Entourage | Oslo, Norway | 03.29.09 from on Vimeo.

Shouts to Benzi!
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