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Late last year Jerome Baker III and his partner in production, YOMIMBI, teamed up to bring DC and the world beyond some new club/house/ you could groove to. Their first release was dope (still is) and now they've finally let loose the entire EP.

I'm sure this is just a case of coincidence, but the EP is entitled Extended Play. According to the producers, the music "serves as an introduction to [the duo's] the various production styles" by incorporating a mix of "80's new wave, dance, deep house to the more tropical stylings of moombahton."

So without further hesitation, put your groove shoes on and check out Extended Play.

Both artists are influenced by music of today and yesteryear. They strive to create songs that appeal to all people and will leave no stone (or sound) unturned. Being able to showcase a diverse production ability was central in the creation and release of this EP - letting fans and fellow musicians alike know that this wasn’t anything trendy or expected to hear.

Beyond Soundcloud, you can also download Extended Play here.


Black Cobain - Perfect Contradiction

Even though I've seen him perform a handful of times, I've never taken the time to listen to any of Black Cobain's previous mixtapes. When I heard he was dropping a new one, I immediately knew that I needed to check it out. A lot can change in the span of a couple of years as an artist grows into their voice and settles into their lane, which is why I found the the title of the tape so timely.
I be confused
Do n*ggas want real or real life
Cause these rappers aint real in real life
This is my life
I'd rather lie under oath than in these bars

Black Cobain - Perfect Contradiction


Fatz da Big Fella - Shake It Out

Following up on his feature on Let A N*gga Know from Wale's Folarin mixtape earlier this year, Fatz da Big Fella drops a banger of his own. And in full role reversal, with Wale on the feature.

Just a little Sunday Funday imagery to end the weekend or get the week started, depending on your perspective. #Spill

Sean Armstrong - Took Control

Sean Armstrong, famed True School DJ and Zulu Nation representer, recently debuted visuals to his new single Took Control. If there's one thing you should know about Armstrong, it's that he's serious about HipHop. And the song and video prove it by taking "wackness" to task.
My balls and my words, shit you know how the rest go
I'm cobra spittin venom and I shine like Destro
My best flow appear like a nigga said presto
Rap's Frankie Beverly so before I let go
I give yall a sermon call me Eric or Creflo
Check out Took Control which features Tajai (Souls of Mischief) and pHoenix and production by

Took Control is featured on Armstrong's new album, Marble Cake Diaries, dropping this Tuesday.


Nike Nando - World Domination

The desire to rule the world is nothing new, especially in HipHop. With the release of visuals for World Domination, you can officially add Nike Nando to list as he lays out his blueprint.

"I just wanna rule the world"

World Domination is one of my favorite tracks on #SPRDLV. With a simple, yet catchy and straight to the point hook, the song does an excellent job of connecting the listener to a thought and/or feeling we've all experienced at one time or another. Beyond that connection, it also forces (inspires?) you to consider your own plan simply by getting you to recite the hook a few times. And before you know it, you realize Nando's plan is already working.

Download #SPRDLV now and be on the lookout for #CouldBeWorse on Christmas Eve.

Surprise Party DC: Howard Homecoming Edition

Howard Homecoming seems like eons ago, so this video is a great reminder of an ill weekend in general and a dope ass party in particular. Plus, I make an appearance in the vid so I had to post.

Next time Jabari and the Surprise Party roll through DC, make sure you're there. In the meantime, if you're in or going to be in NYC on November 30, you might want to cop a ticket.

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