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Video: The Truth - Elliott Wilson Interviews Q-Tip

Rap Radar's Elliott Wilson sits down with Q-Tip to discuss everything from the status of his group, A Tribe Called Quest (and their guest appearance on the Brooklyn stop to the Yeezus tour), to the impact culture has on his rhymes to the status of his next album among other topics. There's also a pretty good Busta Rhymes impression.Check out the interview below, then Keep Going to see the video for Busta Rhymes' new single, Thank You, which features The Abstract.


Rick Ross: I Am Still Music Tour DC

Keeping up my end of the "Rick Ross is the Next Mogul" campaign, check out this footage of Rozay from the DC leg of Lil Wayne's I Am Still Music tour.

The highlight? There were a couple.

1. YN on his MMG goon ish.
2. Ross rocking the Solbiato sweatshirt. I didn't know they still made clothes.


Engineering Success

YN recently sat down with Young Guru, Jay-Z's engineer and current tour DJ, to talk about a variety of topics surrounding the BP III tour, a new album, Jay-Z expanding the boundaries of HipHop, BP III the album and a whole lot more knowledge.

Part I

Part II

Part III

Bonus Coverage:

Shouts to YN! I really love these types of interviews- the kind when the person/people behind the scenes get a chance to shine and add some context to the finished product.

Specifically, it was interesting to hear Guru speak on Oh Boy issue and the name issue with Guru of Gangstarr. In this 10+ year run that he's been on, those were probably the two most high-profile issues he's run into.


Chillin in a Beautiful Bliss

Rap Radar's Head Honcho was in D.C. to celebrate the new year with Wale. Continuing his grind, he put on two shows for the district.

Check the footage:

Beautiful Bliss ft J. Cole and Tre of U.C.B.

I mean this with all due respect, but props to Mr. Folarin for not being afraid to be ethered CORRECTION: renegaded during his show. And for always doing the autograph signing thing at the end of the show.


#funfact: Chillin' is a 1000% better in person, but on the CD it's an auto skip.


Semtex Interviews YN

Just before the Double R launched:


"Being down with Jigga doesn't make you a rap star."

There's no need to point the finger. There is someone who popped into your mind when you heard this. Let's just say Shots Fired!

Shouts to Semtex!


It's the Real Rap Radar

Yesterday YN launched Rap Radar, his new contribution to the culture.

Tomorrow we find out what's causing people to spaz out.

Today we watch this video:

March 9th Madness from The Real Extras on Vimeo.

Shouts to It's the Real for the video!


More With YN

You should know what YN stands for by now!

Pt I


Shouts to The Best of Both Offices for the link!


Journalist Motivation Pt. III

Another interview with the legendary Elliott Wilson.

The great thing about Wilson being on the precipice of launching Rap Radar is that he's on his own press tour, which has given the public a chance to see and hear from one of HipHop's OG journalists.

Considering my affinity for HipHop and writing, everytime he speaks I see it as an opportunity to learn. In many ways, Wilson was an inspiration without me conciously knowing it. I have been a subscriber to XXL since it hit the stands, of which Wilson was the editor-in-cheif. So other than the artists themselves, no one has shaped my thoughts and views about the culture more than Wilson. XXL wasn't the only player in shaping that view (shouts to allhiphop, hiphopdx, The Source and Vibe, among others), but it was the most prominent.

I'm sure he is generally aware, but let me saying it publicly: Thank you, sir!


Journalist Motivation Vol. I & II

Thugs, hustlers and trap stars have Jeezy. HipHop writers and bloggers have YN a.k.a. Elliott Wilson, former editor-in-chief of XXL.

Shouts to Nah Right for the videos!
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