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New Music: Jay Z - Tom Ford (rmx)

So as to not overdose you with Jay Z posts (I'm sorry, what do you want me to do? I'm back!), I saved this one for today.

While we celebrated the birth of Hov, we also mourned the untimely death of Mr. Chad Butler aka Pimp C on the same day.

I didn't grow up on UGK, but in many ways I did. I didn't know who they were until my college roommate sophomore year introduced me to them in '96, just after the release of their junior album Ridin Dirty. It's a story for a different day, but those were years that really expanded my HipHop perspective. Had I not gone away and engaged with folks from other regions (please note the Internet was still new and limited), I probably wouldn't have heard of UGK until Sippin on Some Syrup or Big Pimpin; which leads me to why you're reading this post.

Yesterday, in full celebration mode, Jay Z blessed the masses with a Tom Ford remix featuring an unreleased verse from Pimp C. Listen to it now at IFWT.

Even if it's just a verse, it's great to hear some new Sweet James Jones.


Jay Z: 22 Two's

Today happens to be Jay Z's 44th birthday. In honor of 22 Two's, Keep Going for four of my favorite "under-the-radar, but not really" videos from the man born Shawn Carter.
Courtesy of Kiss Detroit


Jay-Z: Empire State of Mind

Yahoo's The Daily Ticker talks to Empire State of Mind scribe, Zack O'Mally Greenburg, to discuss how Jay-Z amassed a fortune worth nearly half a billion dollars.

I tell you the difference between me and them
They tryin to get they ones, I'm tryin to get them M's

If you're anything close to a Jay-Z fan or have simply watched him over the years, none of this information will be anything new to you. Still it's a nice reminder to anyone with a dream.


Jay-Z: You Love My Style

A lot comes to mind when you think about Jay-Z these days. There's his music, his clothing line, his fortune and his wife just to name a few. When it comes to his music, the items at the top of the list are probably his word play, his in your face bravado and his penchant for making his story relatable to others who have never experienced or even seen the things he talks about.

One of the things I think gets lost in all that encompasses Hov is his style and flow. Word play is word play and storytelling is storytelling. The thing that makes or break either of these is the delivery. If nothing else, the adage of "what you say not being as important as how it's said" definitely rings true when it comes to differentiating rappers. In this video from his Decoded iPhone app, Jay-Z talks about the evolution of his style, the origin of his subject matter and what it all really means.


Viva La Remaster

Perusing Mick Boogie's site the other day, I realized that I missed a major release last September.

Back when I was just a neophyte "music" blogger, one of my first posts was this little mash-up (apparently they hate this word) mixtape that Mick Boogie and Terry Urban had put out called Viva La Hova. For anyone not familiar with the project, it paired the music of some group named Cold Play with this rapper guy by the name of Jay-Z.

I happen to think it's one of the best mash-up original projects ever released, and I guess a few others thought the same. According to Boogie, “Terry and I were planning on re-releasing it in December anyways, just because everywhere we go, people ask us about it. After Jay-Z and Coldplay announced their big New Years Eve plans, including performing together integrating their songs…and about a million people emailed us…we decided to just drop the re-release now. Why wait?”

The new and improved version features two new songs and a removal of the DJ drops. If you never had the chance to experience the greatness that is Viva La Hova, here is your chance.



The year is 1998. If you were like me, you were in college and/or school. But what if you and your P-N-C were aspiring rappers trying to get on and a rapper with his own label offers you a contract? Considering your desire just to get on and the fact that, despite not being a king in the game just yet, the rapper was friends with another rapper many call the best to ever do it and has two crtically-acclaimed albums, what would you do?

Let's say you sign the dotted line and get the official "family" chain. Let's say you get your first major look when you're featured alongside said rapper, his protege and one of his long time friends on a soundtrack to what ends up being one of the hottest independent street movies of the summer. And not only do the movie and soundtrack put the streets on smash, but they also feature the first of a string of hits that elevates said rapper to the top of the game by the end of the summer. Then, after killing the summer and setting off one of the most popular theatrical releases of the season, said rapper places you on his third, and most anticipated, album.



Hate it or love it, Kanye is pushing the boundaries of HipHop on a daily basis. With his new video for the monster track of the same name, West has brought imagery rarely seen in a HipHop video.

In other Kanye news, he told MTV that his new collab project with Jay-Z is scheduled to drop in a week. As MTV speculates, who knows if that will actually come to fruition, but at least the "siblings" brought the new year in on the right foot.


More Power

Kanye West's return to pure, uncut HipHop has energized the game in a way that only Mr. West can. When West's first single, Power, from his upcoming album, Good Ass Job, was released the internet immediately went nuts Paul Wall style. And with the recent release of remix, which features Jay-Z, new verses from Kanye, background vocals from John Legend and production and adlibs from Swizz Beatz, the internet is once again in a frenzy.

Now, in an interview with MTV, Swizz let music lovers into the process of making the record. In addition to the artists mentioned above, "Q-Tip, Mos Def and the Neptunes' Pharrell Williams," also provided input into the song. Check out this audio of Swizzy talking about how the record came to be, including announcing the remix before it was anywhere close to being done.

If you haven't heard the Power remix, check it out here:

Kanye West - "Power" (Remix) Feat. Jay-Z & Swizz Beatz by Some Kind of Awesome

Shouts to Some Kind of Awesome for the audio!


Ozzie & Ruby

Jay-Z and Beyonce aren't the HipHop generation's first married couple, but they are by far the most watched and talked about. The public and media are on them like The Police- every breath [they] take, every move [they] make, we are watching them. And it goes beyond just watching. We have even become body language and psychology experts that analyze every movement, word and action for interpretation of how they really feel about each other. It's no wonder they try to remain so private in the middle of the public eye of the storm.

Recently though, there seems to be an increase in public affection towards the two. Maybe they are becoming comfortable in the notion of being HipHop's version of Ozzie Davis and Ruby Dee. I can only hope Jay-Z and Beyonce follow the blueprint.

This past Friday, Jay-Z performed as the headlining act at Coachella, a three-day festival held in the desert of California. Peep some of the footage from the event, including Hov bringing the misses on stage to perform Young Forever, after the jump.


Bey-Z F. Baby

Have you heard the rumor about Jay-Z and Beyonce being pregnant?

It's the Real did and they have some interesting commentary on what could be expected by this little bundle of joy.

Slide of tongue humor at it's finest.



Jay-Z and Absolut have teamed up as part of the Absolut Concert Series to create NY-Z, a film collaboration with director and photographer Danny Clinch which features Jay-Z discussing his artistry, his inspiration and his city - the Big Apple. It's a rare journey into the mind of Mr. Carter.

When Jay-Z talks I listen. Say what you want about him being "the G-word" or whether or not he is even a nice MC, but the guy has influenced the world all in the name of HipHop. In the same way that Russell Simmons advancements in 80s helped raise the bar for the culture, Jay-Z's acheivements have further raised the bar of what HipHop and underprivileged urban kids can do in life. And I say that not to suggest that the kids should all aspire to be Jay-Z, but he's not a bad case to study.

Just to give you an example of how far his reach his, my mom, not known to be the biggest supporters of the HipHop movement, has Empire State of Mind as her ring back tone.

One day she texted me to call her. I did and Empire came on. I pulled the phone away from my ear to ensure I was calling the right number. When she answered she asked me what I thought. I told her I thought I had misdialed. I hadn't. She just loves the song. That, my friends, is almost a miracle.

Sidebar: LOL at them blurring out Wale and Kevin Liles in the post show footage.


Can't Sleep

Being a "PC" means I rarely waltz into an Apple store. However, when I walk by one, I'm always amazed at how crowded it is. A friend of mine once told me that it was because they offered classes, but I think there may be an additional reason. And it's turned one young man into a little internet star.

Check these videos out:

Who knew Soulja Boy was an Outasight fan? All jokes aside, I would have never guessed that Good Evening would have attracted this kid's ears? I mean, I knew it was a great song, but I didn't think a young teenage (perhaps even pre-teen) would even "get" this song. But I guess that is truly what good music can do to you. If you haven't taken notice of what Outasight is doing, you should take a cue from the kid.


This one, is much more expected.

Jay-Z's- On to the Next One

I found this "performance" to be hilarious for a couple of reasons. To start it off, I enjoyed the robot-like intro. Then you notice he has a little bit of a fan base waiting on him to do his thing. But the kicker is when the sales guy walks up with the customer and goes in on the sales pitch just off camera without stopping the kid from doing his thing. For some reason I just can't stop laughing at that.

Disclaimer: Before you get appalled at the kid rocking out to the unedited version of the song, I will admit it made me cringe a little bit because it sounds like he was blasting the hell out of the song. But two things came to mind:
  • Jay-Z sold a million plus BPIII albums, folks know what time it is.
  • I'd much rather have the kid spending his entire day in an Apple store making videos and channeling his creativity than running the streets and getting into trouble.

Shouts to Mike Rosen!


j(UK)in' jay-z

"Today, is gonna be the day/ That I'm gonna throw it back to yoooooou."

Remember a couple of years ago when dude from Oasis thought Jay-Z wasn't goof enough to close out that big festival in the UK? Remember?

I wonder what homie was doing while Hov was being interviewed on BBC's Friday Night with Jonathan Ross?

Who says the British don't have a sense of humor?

Smoking via Smash


Illegal Imagery

On his greatest album, Jay-Z used the following Prodigy lines "Illuminati want my mind, soul and body...secret society tryin' to keep an eye on me" as a part of the hook on a song called D'evils. To 99% of you this information comes as no surprise, but there is a portion of that 99% that also "read between the lines" and knew exactly what Jay-Z was saying and inferring. And apparently some believe the allure of "Jay Hova's" lyrics, dipped in masonic innuendos, have risen exponentially like his bank account over the years.

So when the Blueprint "tray piece" hit stores and featured little more than three red horizontal bars on it, things went into a fever pitch. Run This Town, with it's post apocalyptic visuals, added to it and now comes the video for On to the Next One. As Paul Wall once said, it literally has the "internet going nuts."

Check it out:

Jay-Z ft Swizz Beatz- On to the Next One

There are pieces to the argument that make a whole lot of sense, but I generally do not roll too heavy on the conspiracy side of things. Call me naive, asleep or third eyeless, but I just think this is a weird ass video that features stuff that you would normally see in a metal video.

If nothing else, Jay-Z seems to have further capitalized on what people are "talkin' bout" by creating a video that gets even more people talking.

What do you think?


El Album Rojo

Since Jay-Z didn't want to "talk about" Game on the Blueprint III, it looks like super producers, Cookin' Soul, along with Don Cannon, decided to let the music speak for both artists. And by doing so created The Red Album.

I realize the tape isn't really a lyric for lyric showcase of these guys going at each other; but beef sells, right?

Cookin' Soul X Don Cannon- The Red Album

Forever Young

Jay-Z recently dropped the vid for Forever Young, but before we get to the video I am compelled to say that this is THE worst song on the album. I think I may have only listened to it the first two times I listend to the album.

Part of my reasoning is based on the hijacking of a real classic. YEs, I realize he is not the first nor the worst, but I really can't fade this joint. And for all of the hype that he has received as a part of the G.O.O.D. music family, Mr. Hudson is unimpressive. Adding him to this song only makes it worst.

However, I do believe in videos changing outlooks on songs. The video for the song is a great look. I'm really loving the black and white treatment and imagery of America's youth doing what it does best- being young and active. In a lot of ways it reminds me of a cross between a Gatorade and Levi's commercial.

Like I said earlier, videos can change perceptions of songs. This video didn't really do that for me, but the visuals are undeniable.


Man on the Moon

Neil Armstrong is one of the most famous names in history. Depending on when you were born and what fascinates you, there are two people who may come to mind. For some, it's the guy who kicked rocks in space, while others would immmmediately think of a certain DJ who rocks in spaces all over the world.

Check out this video of DJ Neil Armstrong, founder of the 5th Platoon DJ collective, as he talks about everything from his humble beginnings to touring with Jay-Z.


DJ Neil Armstrong- Original

DJ Neil Armstrong- Original 2

Shouts to dF for the vid and Kevin Nottingham for the audio!


Oprah Loves HipHop?

Not really, but kinda.

If anything, I would say that Oprah respects Jay-Z, but could still care less about HipHop as a whole. So that makes this historical and slightly ironic.

She freestyles...


Empire State of Mind

If you watched the Fuse concert last Friday, then you know the Empire State of Mind performance was extremely lacking without A. Keys on the chorus. Whoever the chick on Friday was, she #failed big time.

Good thing Sunday rolled around and Hov go the chance for a do over with A. Keys in tow this time around. A minute after arriving at the venue Hov takes the stage.

So you probably watched the video and thought it was "cute" that Beyonce was jamming to her husband's performance.

You probably watched the video and saw a chick wearing a bird's nest on her head and thought WTH was that.

You probably watched the video and saw Lil Mama bumrush the stage and stand next to Jay-Z (before he tapped her and stood right in front of her) and thought where the hell did she come from and why is she up there.

I can guarantee you that you are not alone on any of these, but the one I am going to touch on is Lil Mama. Lady GaGa's bird nest head gear was probably the second craziest thing she did last night, so there is no need to touch on it at the moment.

So Lil Mama inserts herself into a hot performance by two of the music businesses biggest artists and the world asks why. If you were on Twitter, then you know she got roasted for her groupie-like act. One of the biggest roasters was Fabolous. He skewered her!

Today, she released a statement saying that she was so inspired by the song that she was compelled to hit the stage.

Call it what you want, but Lil Mama played herself. The good thing for her is that she probably didn't have a lot of cred to lose, but I know those folks she judges on ABDC will probably pull her card the next time she tries to come sideways on them.
I know she suffered enough, so I let Loso end this post: "#Lilmamais the bird that flew outta Lady Gaga's nest on her face!!"


September 13?

On Sunday, I posted the teaser to Jay-Z's Run This Town video. According to MTV, it was set to debut on September 13th. I guess they were only referring to "on T.V."

I knew this would leak online early. I just didn't think it would be a month early.
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