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The Paxtons- Lil Bit of Living

A really good song has the power to pull the listener into a moment regardless of whether or not they are reliving a certain experience/feeling or experiencing it vicariously through the artist. Starting with the vocal mimicking of the underlying horns, the rhythmic congas and the easy going organ, The Paxtons' A Lil Bit of Livin' instantly transforms me to those mornings when I wake up feeling extra good about how things are going to play out for the rest of the day.

In many ways, Livin' feels like Act II of a play that began with Talib Kweli's Get By. Both of these songs embody that "waking up and assessing the day ahead" feeling to me. While Kweli's verison highlights the various trials and tribulations that people experience on a daily basis, the song simultaneously provides listeners with a solution (love) that can help get them out of their respective ruts. On the other hand, Livin' starts from a "something outta nothing" perspective that gives the listener a "day after Get By" type of feeling. Depending on how things start, Get By might need to get a few runs to set a new tone for the day ahead, but it's awesome to now have a new go-to song that picks up where it leaves off. If you haven't done so, give Livin' a few runs and see if it doesn't give you that same type of feeling.

A video for Livin' may be in the works, but until then, here it is live and straight from the monthly Block Party stage.
With the right light we can make poor look decadent

Lil Bit of Livin is featured on The Paxton's latest project, Avenue B. Preview/download it here.


Big K.R.I.T.: DC Chillin'

I gave you the head's up yesterday, so check out this footage of Big K.R.I.T. performing Player's Ballad in DC last night with hometown hero Raheem Devaughn.

K.R.I.T.'s latest street album, Return of 4eva is available right now.


K.R.I.T. breaks down Return of 4eva and talks about the N-word with Devi Dev.

Propers to Sermon's Domain for the Devi Dev footage.


Outasight: To Infinity & Beyond

Even though I'm a loser for missing his show in DC earlier this week along with The Whitehouse Band at Rap Rocks DC, I'm happy to report that my favorite hybrid artist, Outasight, is back on the scene with another new EP entitled Figure 8.

The first offering from the project is the rock infused So What. Check out the video which was shot in Austin, TX during this year's SXSW music conference.

Sidenote: Speaking of SXSW, I'm finally able to post some of the content I captured during the festival. I have some video and photos that I think came out pretty dope. I also have a bunch of ish that clearly suggests and proves that I'm still terrible at capturing dope moments with a camera- lol. Be on the lookout for it this coming week.

Figure 8 drops this week (I've seen three different dates, including today). The EP features five brand new tracks including the title track.


File this in the shameless self promotion category, but here is the footage I captured of OU when he came through B-More back in February.


Theophilus London

My favorite hipster/pop/electro/HipHop artist of the day, Theophilus London, performs Gurls, Girls, Money and Groove Me live.

Say what you want about the guy's style (BTW, he's got Cole Haan sponsoring him) and "look". Chicks dig the hell out of this dude! And I'm not talking about any one race or "kind" of girl. He's pulling them all in. I've seen it in person.


Unreleased ish entitled Century Girl (Via h.e.r.fection)

Download: Theophilus London ft Devonte Hynes- Century Girl

Frank Ocean: Nostalgic

OFWGKTA (Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All) is the buzz of the industry. Their rise from L.A. skater kids to covering industry rag, Billboard, has been nothing short of meteoric.

While the majority of the coverage concerning Tyler the Creator and Odd Future has focused on their affinity for depressive, "I don't give a f*ck," horrorcore HipHop, there's definitely some less aggressive music coming from the camp. And the kicker is he's not even rapping!

The OFWGKTA representative I'm referring to is Frank Ocean. His new mixtape entitled Nostalgia, ULTRA falls somewhere between N.E.R.D., Drake and Kid Cudi in terms of style and sound.

One major difference between Ocean and Drake and Cudi is the music is honest without being overtly emo. Even when a sensitive subject like an absentee father comes into play on There Will Be Tears, Ocean speaks open and honestly about his feelings of growing up without a father without it turning into a festival of eye lubricant. Instead, the song questions the decision that left a child fatherless while simultaneously letting him off the hook had his fatheer simply said "he wouldn't be there."


Teedra Moses: The Park Unplugged

A few weeks ago I told you the lovely and talented Teedra Moses was coming to DC. Here's some footage of the performance. The set list included No More Tears, You Better Tell Her, Backstroke, Take Me from the exceptional album entitled Complex Simplicity. The set also included her brand new single R U 4 Real.

Three things you need to do immediately:

1. Read the interview she did with Washington City Paper
2. Go cop Complex Simplicity!
3. And be on the lookout for a new album later this year.

Sidebar: If you're one of those people that complains about the lack of quality music- specifically R&B-, then Moses is your solution. Her sound and style are easily grown up with a youthful edge. Do yourself a favor and get hip.


Outasight: It's Like That

And that's the way it is.

It's always a good day when new Outasight is in my inbox. Here's his new video for his Cook Classics-produced track, It’s Like That. The song is taken from his upcoming EP entitled Figure 8.

Figure 8 is scheduled to drop next month. Be on the lookout for it.


In cased you missed my superdopalicious video of OU's performance in Baltimore a month or so ago.


Lupe Fiasco: NYC Lasers

Remember when Lupe Fiasco was primed to be the next savior in HipHop?

Since his latest album Losers/Lasers hit the net a couple of weeks ago, Fiasco has been getting murdered by critics and listeners alike. If I didn't know any better I'd think it was '96 when Nas dropped It Was Written.

As was the case with Nas, Lasers appears to be an album that went left when the fans wanted him to go right. Maybe, it's not so much the music as it is the hype that built as fans waited for this album to drop. It's been four years since The Cool dropped and more than a year since his incredible Enemy of the State mixtape dropped.

Since I haven't had the chance to cop or listen to it yet, I can't comment on the quality of the album just yet. But maybe he should have stuck with his original plan and dropped LupE.N.D. instead. That's not what happened, so it's a moot point. Whether or not Laser is really a loser depends on each listeners critique. If you support Lupe and the album, here's some footage, captured by photographer/videographer extraordinaire Steve O. The footage was captured during Lupe's recent show in NYC.

Win, lose or draw, Lasers is in stores right now. I plan on copping it regardless of whether or not the net hates the ish out of it. lol

Stalley: Milq'n D.C.

I realize that it's only March, but Stalley is the clubhouse leader when it comes to best mixtapes of 2011. Check out this footage of the 330 representer when he came through DC a couple of weeks ago.

STALLEY x GOOD SUPPLY x LIV DC from Christopher Wilkes on Vimeo.

Don't forget to download Stalley's Lincoln Way Nights. I've got it on iPod and CD status right now.


Theophilus London: London on Letterman

This past Monday Theophilus London made his debut on national television with a performance of Why Even Try off of his new EP Lover's Holiday.

You probably watched this might not have even watched the whole thing. Either way, you might be asking yourself whether I'm a credible source for "hot" music. The only thing I can tell you is that London has the game on smash. Considering that he's toured the world over the last two years and his music is featured in a Mountain Dew commercial airing right now, I'd say he has to be doing something right.

Why Even Try isn't my favorite record from London's catalogue, but he's got some certified bangers. That's why I'm going to check out his show next week. It's going to be an event and I refuse to miss it.

Click the London tag below and do some research. You might find yourself pleasantly surprised, which would make me justified in posting this video. If you find yourself scratching your head even more, there's more than enough on this site that should allow me to keep my credibility firmly in place.


The Roots: Grammy Jammy

Footage from The Roots annual Grammy Jam Session in L.A. this past weekend, as they rock with "The World's Greatest Entertainer" a.k.a. Doug E. Fresh.

Have you ever heard Lodi Dodi over Sardines? Me either. But I wanted to confirm it, so I hollered at my "good buddy" ?uestlove to see if my ears were deceiving me. Turns out I was spot on.

For a more in depth recap of the concert, including photos, click here.

Shouts to Def Jam


Outasight in Baltimore

I told you Outasight was coming to Baltimore a few weeks ago. Here's some footage from the show.

If you haven't done so, I really hope this video was enough to get you to check this guy out. In the 2.5 years that I've been a fan, OU has dropped three dope projects. All of them were free99, and each of them can be found on this site. Do yourself a favor and download them now.

Sidebar: Shout out to all the people that professionally edit film. This six-minute video took me hours to edit. The sad part being that I didn't have a lot of footgae to go through and the video doesn't include any "special effects." Salute to yall, cause this ish is not easy.



The year is 1998. If you were like me, you were in college and/or school. But what if you and your P-N-C were aspiring rappers trying to get on and a rapper with his own label offers you a contract? Considering your desire just to get on and the fact that, despite not being a king in the game just yet, the rapper was friends with another rapper many call the best to ever do it and has two crtically-acclaimed albums, what would you do?

Let's say you sign the dotted line and get the official "family" chain. Let's say you get your first major look when you're featured alongside said rapper, his protege and one of his long time friends on a soundtrack to what ends up being one of the hottest independent street movies of the summer. And not only do the movie and soundtrack put the streets on smash, but they also feature the first of a string of hits that elevates said rapper to the top of the game by the end of the summer. Then, after killing the summer and setting off one of the most popular theatrical releases of the season, said rapper places you on his third, and most anticipated, album.


Live Mechanics

Having just attended The Roots concert last week, coming across a live mixtape by J. Period and featuring Black Thought  is the find of the week. By the Internet’s standards, this mixtape is damn near a relic. But watching it was almost like re-living the show.

If you’ve never had the pleasure of attending a Roots Crew concert, you may be missing the greatest show on Earth. I expect nothing less that entertainment on the highest level. Yet, they still find a way to surpass my expectations. Every note is precise and, even more amazingly, every word Black Thought spits is clear as day. Of all of the rap shows I’ve seen in my lifetime, there isn’t an MC alive that can outperform Tariq Trotter during a show.



As they gear up for the release of their new mixtape, The Manhattan Project, The Paxtons have been performing songs from TMP at shows all over NYC and Philly. One of the songs that has been killing the crowds is Beamin'/Still Hungry. The track is definitely a great look, but there's something about the way Sela, the band, breathes even more life into the song. And shout out to Grease for absolutely murdering Still Hungry!

Sidenote: Who knows if they will release the footage, but the chick on stage was part of a going away party. That, in and of itself, is nothing. The crazy thing was that the chick is a stripper and had five or six of her colleagues with her, all putting on a show for those of us lucky to be in attendance.


After the party is the afterparty.

The Manhattan Project is scheduled to drop in early September.


End is Near

As he prepares for the pending release of a new mixtape, Outasight recently dropped a new track with another one of the most buzzed about artists in the industry today, Freddie Gibbs. The track is called Near the End.

"Near The End (ft. Freddie Gibbs) by Outasight


Footage of OU performing at the second edition of the monthly Famous Factory concert series, which highlights different up -and-coming artists.

Bonus Bonus:

Outasight- Dizzy



It's been a minute since I posted the video for Jesse Boykins' Itis, so if you missed it and/or aren't familiar with the song, peep it live. The footage is taken from Boykins' show with headliner, Marsha Ambrosius (formerly of Floetry) at SOB's in NYC.

Keep sleeping if you want to.

Since it was her show, it would only be right to post Ambrosius' performance of Butterflies, the song Michael Jackson made his own on Invincible.

Watching this reminded me that I need to throw Floetry on the iPod and back in the car rotation.


Marsha Ambrosius- Yours Truly


Ozzie & Ruby

Jay-Z and Beyonce aren't the HipHop generation's first married couple, but they are by far the most watched and talked about. The public and media are on them like The Police- every breath [they] take, every move [they] make, we are watching them. And it goes beyond just watching. We have even become body language and psychology experts that analyze every movement, word and action for interpretation of how they really feel about each other. It's no wonder they try to remain so private in the middle of the public eye of the storm.

Recently though, there seems to be an increase in public affection towards the two. Maybe they are becoming comfortable in the notion of being HipHop's version of Ozzie Davis and Ruby Dee. I can only hope Jay-Z and Beyonce follow the blueprint.

This past Friday, Jay-Z performed as the headlining act at Coachella, a three-day festival held in the desert of California. Peep some of the footage from the event, including Hov bringing the misses on stage to perform Young Forever, after the jump.


Internationally Known

It's been a while since I posted footage of Diamond District's tour through Europe. Here are two different looks at the stop in Heidelberg, Germany.

Diamond District is said to be dropping a second album this summer. I hope this comes to fruition.


SXSW: Scotch Scorsese Edition I

I know I'm late as hell on posting some of the footage I captured at SXSW, but it's taken me some time to process all that went down, all the people I met, all the artists I got to see and just the overall event itself.

The other thing that has taken so long is that I wanted to edit the video and produce something that was high quality. For the most part I failed at doing so, but check out my first forays into capturing a live performance and trying to keep the footage live like you're really there.

The first clip features Homeboy Sandman dropping a pretty dope verse about the poisons of the food we consume. I understand that this may not appeal to all, but I thought the 'style was ill. From there we move on to a dude who's got a big buzz right now, so much that he recently signed a deal with Interscope records. His name is Yelawolf, he's from Alabama, and I promise that you will not see this coming. I actually have more to say, but that will be later this week.

The last artist in the first clip is CurT@!n$. I've been posting music, interviews and videos from this guy for a minute, so it was great to see how it all played out live. He simply did not disappoint. For whatever reason, I tried to be extra in the editing process of his performance. I go back and forth with whether it turned out right or not, but enjoy the energy. There is no way I could have taken that away.

Check it out after the jump.

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