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New Music: MeLo X - Break From Flatbush

After constantly traveling around sharing his music (and DJ skills) with the world and a trip to Miami on the horizon later this week, what could be more fitting than MeLo X dropping a loosie entitled Break From Flatbush. Known for creating his own as well as recreating and erasing songs that you're already familiar with Break features MeLo spitting hot fire over Part Next Door's

Even though he's been on tour around the world and his heading down to Miami for Art Basel later this week, MeLo X drops of a loosie

After traveling around the world and releasing his album "GOD: Pièce de Résistance" MeLo-X is set to invade Art Basel Miami 2013.  To prepare you for the invasion MeLo-X decides to demolish PARTYNEXTDOOR's Break From Toronto.

I just wanna to travel more While getting more shine
Been To Australia so many damn times
besides racks they got me counting frequent flier miles oowww
When i say i been around the world I really mean it
360 round this bitch I'm the meanest

Cop MeLo's new album, GOD: Pièce de Résistance, here. And Keep Going for info on where he will be for Art Basel later this week.


Melo X: Fire Geomu

Melo X is back to making instrumental gumbo.

FEWTURE is MeLo-X's most experimental and genre bending project since his Maxwell BLACKsummers'night Instrumental Album back in 2009. FEWTURE is a true testament to MeLo's self proclaimed "experimental free music" style. From soundscape like tracks and piano solos, to head nodding drum loops and broken beats MeLo is truly free of any genre or style. Complex but groove worthy rhythms infused with soothing and uplifting chords created through strong synths, heavy bass lines and at times just basic piano keys help paint MeLo's vision of the "Fewture". There are even elements of Juke and Dirty South griminess sprinkled throughout this eclectic, abstract, and visionary album.
Fire Geomu is the first single from the album.

Fewture is scheduled to be released at the end of January. However, for the first 200 people who pre-order the album, Melo X will send you a limited edition print of a piece painted by MeLo-X himself. The print will be numbered and autographed. For more information on this limited time offer, click here.


Melo X: Eiffel Tower Flow

More Merch, the title track from Melo X's latest project gets the visual treatment courtesy of Karim Meg.

Sidebar: I need a trip back to Paris stat.

Check out Melo's photos from Paris on his Tumblr.


Jesse Boykins III: Prototype

You know how the judges on American Idol always tell the contestants to make the song their own? When it comes to Andre 3000's Prototype, that's exactly what Boykins has done.

Since getting hip to Boykins, Prototype has been his signature song. It's probably his most requested and his fan's favorite. When I got the link to the video all I could do is think, "this has been a long time in the making." So without further ado...

Jesse Boykins III featuring Melo X- Prototye (Directed by Mr. Woo)

In a time where life is often guided by misconception and tainted love, its hard to truly find someone who is there for you for all the right reasons. No matter how you deliver your heart to a person, you still have to wait for them to open it up. I came up with this concept to inspire honesty. I’ve learned through life, communication is everything when you’re in a relationship. Take these visuals as an example of how something could be if there is no truth between two parties. She/He is your prototype and could be so much more if you allow it. Never Take The Love Of Your Believer For Granted. Much Thanks to Andre 3000!
- Jesse Boykins III

Jesse Boykins III- Prototype 3010


Interview with 21-7 Magazine


Melo X: Mirrors

The More Merch you listen to the More Merch you get. Well, that's kinda if you're in London and Paris at the end of the month.

For everyone else, Melo X dropped a 45-second behind the scenes footage live from the set of the upcoming Mirrors in My Mind video. The video is directed by GiGi Bio and it's scheduled for release sometime this Spring.

If you haven't done so, download More Merch by clicking the link at the top.


Melo X: My Melo, My Man Pt. II

If you missed part one, scroll down to get caught up on me catching up on all of the hot ish Melo X has been dropping.

Last post was all about the music, this one is all about the videos.

Gone Baby ft Paul McCartney & Erykah Badu (Directed by Jesse Boykins III)

Orgasmic Audio (Directed by Alysia Mazzella)

Cooked Food (Directed by Jesse Boykins III)


Melo X- Orgasmic Audio (rmx)


Melo X: My Melo, My Man Pt. I

Courtesy of h.e.r.fection

It's nothing short of criminal that I haven't been posting the dope sauce that Melo X has been dropping over the last few months. I don't have an excuse for it other than to say that I really eff with this guy's music, so I completely effed up by not doing so. Here's my plan of reversal. Let's call it the Melo X Mega Post consisting of back-to-back posts that include EPs, one-offs and videos.

You ready? Lesgo!


Audio Foreplay

Sometimes things don't go according to plan. Take for instance this post.

My plan for posting Melo X's latest mixtape (and prequel to his upcoming album), Audio Foreplay was supposed to happen right after I got back from Austin. As a matter of fact, he even asked me what I thought about the 'tape when I ran into him In Tejas. At the time, I didn't have an opinion because I hadn't listened to it yet.

Now three weeks later, here it is. Somethings are better late than never. I hope you agree that this post is one of those things.

If for some reason you have skipped just about ever post I have written about Melo, the DJ Semtex intro breaks down everything I have been telling you about Melo in short order- super talented producer, rapper and DJ who is blazing trails around the world. Running seamlessly out of the intro and into the first track, AF starts with an updated remix of Maxwell's The Highest. The original remix (if that makes sense) was the joint that put me on to the under appreciated remix king.

This version retains the same smoothness of the original Maxwell track, but it's been turnt up a notch with drums that remind me of Cudi's Make Her Say. Another element that has been added is what I would call the Max Headroom effect. Just when you get a little tired of the effect, the music blends into a video game-like intro to Google Wave.

Following Google Wave, is A Tribe Called Dilla. Don't read into the title literally, but then go right ahead and do so. Confused? Here's what I'm saying the songs starts with tribal drums that Wale could have easily used for My Sweetie , but then Melo brings in the melody of one of my favorite Slum Village joints.

JHS97 continues the African-driven drums when Melo infuses a little dancehall riddim into an electro landscape, followed by the extremely enjoyable Drown Me Out. The next five songs stay in electro mode, with Paramali being one of those close your eyes and zone out tracks and Work This City hsving me thinking I just stepped in Kenneth Cole for a fresh pair shoes.

All in all, Audio Foreplay encompasses everything that I have come to expect from Melo X. For Melo, music is nothing more than crayons in a box. He uses them generously and there are no rules that mandate each be beholden to its designated lines. At the same time, it seems as if Melo is also challenging the notion of what color something has to be i.e. what a particular genre of music has to sound like.

In this day and age when nothing sounds like it "used to," maybe it isn't such a bad thing. This mixtape is the result of crayons left in the sun that melted and formed one big comglomerate of color. While some will be mad that they have to buy a new box, others will see the beauty in what has been created. Take a listen and tell me which you one of these you see.

Melo X- Audio Foreplay
(Updated link)


Drake- Over (Melo X rmx)


Partners N Rhyme

I can't remember how this came about, but I think Theophilius London, by way of his music, introduced me to the Melo X. Either way it went, these two New Yorkers, independently and together, are redefining what HipHop is and can be in the new millenium.

If you had to categorize London's music, it would probably fall into the electro HipHop bin. What I find most interesting about his sound is that it incorporates elements of 70's disco, 80's Euro, 90's club and house and HipHop all into one, yet it doesn't sound like an synthesizer sound clash gone cheap car alarm. He also has a delivery style/flow that presents itself as poetic, sing songy and jazzy (Think: be bop clubs where folks say stuff like "cool daddy-o" while snapping their fingers) at different times.

I would have never guessed in my hardcore HipHop days that I would be drawn to this type of HipHop, but I am. Blame it on traveling and gaining more perspective on more than just what was going on in my city. Blame it on realizing I love 80s pop, which a lot of his work reminds me of. You can even blame it on my growth into a right brained thinker. Just don't blame me when you laugh at the image/imagery, yet find your head nodding, your fist pumping and your toe tapping to the sounds.

I also agree with what the homie, Gotty, says.

Check out this clip from a studio session for his new mixtape, I Want You:

Melo on the other hand is truly an artist that can't be defined by one sound, especially his production. In one minute he's re-interpreting Maxwell and Rafeal Sadiq, then the next he's taking it electro or everything wrapped in one.

On Monday, the next step in his evolution as a producer and artist will be unleashed upon the world. Based on the tracklisting, the mixtape entitled, Audio Foreplay, will be another dose of the eclectic sound that we have come to know Melo for, only I expect that it will be a step above. The project is the set-up to his debut album, Sonic Intercourse, which will be dropping later this year. Peep the cover and tracklisting:

1. Texting Sem Intro (DJ Semtex BBC 1Xtra)
2. The Highest (Extended Live Redit)
3. Google Wave (Sonic Intercourse Album Snippet)
4. A Tribe Called Dilla
5. JHS97 Riddim (Mark Ronson EVR Shout Out)
6. Drown Me Out Ft. Jade (MeLo-X Remix)
7. Hear The Static Ft. MNDR
8. Paramali (Sonic Intercourse Album Snippet)
9. Work This City Ft. Body Language (MeLo-X Remix)
10. Kada Manja Ft. The Very Best (MeLo-X Remix)
11. Birth of Venus Ft. Nikki NTU (MeLo-X Remix)
12. Female Prophylactic (Endtro)
13. Houstatlantavegas Ft. Sonnymoon (MeLo-X Sonnymoon vs. Nite Jewel Vs. Drake Mashup Remix)
14. ZephyrXtra (Basement Jaxx Rework)
15. Outro (Gilles Peterson Meets Marlon Wayans Meets DJ Semtex)



I said this about a month ago, but Melo X needs to start getting some mentions as one of the best remixers in the business. I realize this won't happen for a couple of reasons, the greatest being that his remixes typically don't include the songs at the top of the charts, but there's definitely something refreshing about them. This is especially true if you enjoy music that bends and twists different genres and sounds into one.

Take for instance this new remix/mashup of a song that easily stands on it its own merit. Using the vocals from Sonnymoon's rendition of Drake's Houstatlantavegas and pairing it with elements of Nite Jewel's What Did He Say, Melo creates a mashup that breathes new light into both versions of the song.

Check it out and let me know what you think:

Houstatlantavegas- Sonnymoon vs. Nite Jewel Vs. Drake (MeLo-X Remix) by GalaxRecordings

Admittedly, this isn't his best remix/mashup, but I like the direction his new project may be headed in. Houstatlantavegas will be featured on Melo X's upcoming Audio Foreplay project, which will serve as the lead-in to his debut album dropping this summmer. So while you wait in anticipation of Sonic Intercourse, be sure to lookout for Foreplay on March 15.


Drown Me Out, Cookie

On the low, Melo X might be making a run at the title of king of the remix. In case you have no idea how I could say such a thing, you may need to do your research.

This time around he's remixing a tracked called by Drown Me Out by Jade <3. The track is one of two leaks from her upcoming EP, IMHC Remix.

Before you check out the song, check out this trailer for the EP:

IMHC REMIX Trailer by Vane Media from Jade&lt;3 on Vimeo.

Jade <3- Drown Me Out (Melo X remix)

About Jade <3: Jade <3 (Heart) is new to my radar. About a month ago I was introduced to her via Mickey Factz or Theophilius London (I can't remember), so I downloaded her EP, It's My Heart, Cookie. I wasn't sure what to expect, but what I found was a cool pop sound with a vocal style reminiscent of Nelly Furtado.

According to her bio, the Brooklyn songstress is no newbie to the industry. She's been in the game and was signed to Pharell's Startrak imprint in the early part of the last decade. Nowadays, you can catch her playing various venues throughout NYC and Brooklyn.

Jade <3- It's My Heart, Cookie


Live Mechanics, one of the sponsors of the Black Apple concert featuring Melo X; Jesse Boykins III and Brandon Hines, just released their own footage from the concert.

Check it out:

GFCnewyork Black Apple IV Presented by Live Mechanics from Tony Billz on Vimeo.

GFCNY on the assist


The Mind of Mustafa: The Performance

In the last episode of Melo X's web doc, we heard Mr. Mustafa speak on the feeling of performing. In this episode he talks about his first major performance and some of the events that lead up to the show just before it was all about to go down. Included in said events is walking up to the venue and seeing his name on the marquee, wearing an 80's styled reggae "costume" and taking a peep into a non-existent audience just before the show started.

Despite his concerns prior to the show, it looks like everything turned out in great order.

Bonus: To commemorate the 365 days since the original Mustafa's Renaissance dropped, Melo is hitting us with a new FreEP that features music that was released after the mixtape came out, unreleased features & beats and material from his Amy Winehouse remix album from '07.

Melo X- Mustafa's Renaissance 1.5


Black Apple Concert Footage

Check out this concert footage of the Black Apple concert that went down a couple weeks ago at S.O.B.'s in NYC. The concert featured Jesse Boykins III, Brandon Hines and Melo X.

Jesse Boykins III- Prototype

Melo X- Treat Her Right

Brandon Hines- Say Yes


Jesse Boykins- The Beauty Created (One Year Anniversary Rmx)


Black Apple Profile: Melo X

GFCNY keeps doing it for the culture. This time around they hit you with a profile of the jack-of-many-trades Melo X. Take a couple of minutes to find out about the man behind the myth.

The Black Apple Profile: MeLo-X from GFCnewyork on Vimeo.

If you're in NYC next Tuesday, check out Melo X, Brandon Hines, and Jesse Boykins at S.O.B.s.


Jesse Boykins- AmorUs (Melo X rmx)


The Mind of Mustafa: The Preshow

Melo X recently dropped the second installment of his docu-series. In this episode he talks about performing.

The Mind Of Mustafa : Episode 02 : The PreShow from MeLo X on Vimeo.


Get Lifted

Despite the fact that Keith Murray and John Legend have songs by the title mentioned above, this has nothing to do with either of them. This post is for an up-and-coming rhymer who probably saw this post coming months ago. If anything, it's just a matter of taking to long to shine that graviti light on the project.

Yesterday, I hopped over to Melo X's site to see what he's been up to. Rather than self promotion, Melo had the video you see below posted at the top of the page.

I'd never heard of Prophit, but the song got me interested. That's why Google is such a wonderful thing. And just think, I'm only five months behind.

Prophit- Cause When You Stop Dreaming, It's Time to Die

Shouts to TSS for the mixtape!


The Roots Jam Session: Melo X Edition

Everytime I see this dude, I am further impressed with what he's bringing to the table.

Shouts to Melo X!


The Mind of Mustafa: The Process

Episode One

If you haven't done the knowledge and/or downloaded those mixtapes I posted, then one ya'self. Otherwise, you're sleeping and need to be awakened.

Shouts to Melo!


My Melo, My Man

You've seen the Theo London posts, now let me introduce you to one of his PNCs (For you non Smif-N-Wessun heads out there, that's Partners N Crime). You may also remember that I featured one of his joints in the most recent Saturday Six Pack.

Now that you've gotten a chance to learn a little bit about the brother, check out this remix projects he did- instrumental joints based on two of the hottest major label soul records to drop in the last couple of years.


Melo X- Maxwell's Black Summer Night instrumental remix album

Melo X- Rapheal Sadiq's The Way I See It remix album
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