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MoRuf - Buckle Up

Life is about choices. Some choices are easy because they take little thought and require little to no energy to make. Others, as Treach famously once said, "well, that's not that simple." In Treach's situation, the question of choice focused on the proactive boundaries of O.P.P.

In the case of Buckle Up, Jersey's MoRuf is stuck trying to figure out the more serious topic of love. Specifically, the love for his lady and his love for music. As is the case with many difficult situations, both choices are the right ones. But that doesn't mean both are options that can live in harmony. So what's a man and artist to do? Check out his new video to see how it all plays out.

Buckle Up was directed by Street Etiquette and is featured on MoRuf's Shades of Moo. After you download the project, head over to his site for a breakdown of the inspiration and motivation behind Shades. If you're hip, you'll figure out a piece of the answer before you get there.

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