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Green & Yellow

Now that it's officially Super Bowl week, I can renew my hatred for the Steelers by cheering for the Packers. It's actually kind of weird. I've never had a reason to cheer for the Packers. I don't hate the franchise, but there's never really been a reason for me to give two sh!ts about them. Wait, I take that back. It would have been nice if they could have beaten Elway in '97, but that's about the extent of it.

Last week I was getting my sports fix and I came across the hilarious video below as I was doing some research on the red head.

I could elaborate on what I want the Packers to do to the Steelers on Sunday, but I'ma turn it over to Slick Mahoney instead.

Slick Mahoney ft The Packers- Go Grab My Belt

I couldn't have said it any better without having to say "pause."


Beast Mode

If you watched the Saints vs. Seahawks game, then you saw a subpar regular season team punch last year's champs in the mouth. The play of that game was Marshawn Lynch's improbable 67-yard run through eight missed tackles, including a stiff arm that thoroughly treated the would be tackler. If you somehow have missed it, watch this greatness.

Now that you've watch it in "beast mode" now watch it in Tecmo mode:

It kind of reminds me of how Bo Jackson used to smash out in Tecmo Bowl.


Because the Ravens won today and we're headed to Pittsburgh on Saturday to send the Steelers into the offseason.

Let's go!


Ray Ray

Ravens fans! The good people at Perry Ellis, GQ and Macy's have come together to bring you Ray Rice, the Ravens superstar-in-the-making running back.

Rice will be signing Perry Ellis-supplied footballs on this Thursday at the Macy's in Columbia Town Center for folks that spend $50 on Perry Ellis clothing and accessories. Plus the first 50 customers will get a special Perry Ellis gift bag.

Step out to Macy's and cop some work gear and then get the autographed ball. Sounds like a win


My Worst Nightmare

Unless you hate the NFL, don't live in DC Metro area or haven't turned on SportsCenter in the last 24 hours, then you know that the Eagles traded Donovan McNabb to the Washington Redskins yesterday evening.

If you didn't know this, check the videos below. The first provides some information behind the trade from ESPN's Adam Schefter and the second is a clip of Philadelphia Eagles coach Andy Reid talking about the trade.

Check them out after the jump


Super Smokee Robinson

Congratulations to the new NFL champions, the New Orleans Saints and the entire Who Dat nation. They put on a show yesterday that worthy of everything they achieved this year and truth on the greatest stage that they were the best team throughout the entire year.

Leading up to the Super Bowl it seemed like 90% of the storylines about New Orleans and the Saints focused on Katrina, her aftermath and the city's close connection to the team. I'm pretty sure that I wasn't the only not surprised by this, but it did get a little tired by about Wednesday of last week. However, I never grew tired of hearing the stories and seeing the excite of NO natives. It kind of reminded me of when my Ravens went to the Supber Bowl in '00.

Unfortunately, I had to wait to see the second half of the game because I was on a plane, but thank goodness for DVRs. Watching the highlights on Sportscenter would have been nice, but they wouldn't have been the same as watching the gutsy onside kick or the Tracy Porter interception in the context of the entire game. Both plays were daggers in the hearts of Colts fans and plays that will be remembered right along with this being the first championship for the Saints organization.

In honor of the Saints getting to winning the Super Bowl, one of it's natives son's, Curren$y, decided to drop a mixtape. Although it features new material, the concept for the tape was born four years ago

Before we get to the tape, check out the first clip from the tape, directed by Creative Control:

VISION from Creative Control on Vimeo.

Curren$y and Don Cannon present Smokey Robinson Vol. I

Photos courtesy of Andy Lyons/Getty Images (via ESPN) and On Smash


Sunday's Best

Recently, SI's Peter King and Digg caught up with one of the best RBs in the NFL to ask him a series of questions from Digg users. The questions range from humorous to insightful.

You typically don't hear AP talking at length about anything because of his reserved and humble nature. So getting him to sit down for 16 minutes is a great chance to get inside the mind of the guy who one day may be considered to be better than Jim Brown or Walter Payton.


Giant to Jailbird

Just before Plaxico hit free society's showers, he sat down with ESPN's Jeremy Schapp. Here's the extended interview:

I'm not going to front like I haven't called Burress and idiot, but I can understand his side of the story. I know there are a bunch of people who think he needed to show more remorse, but sometimes telling your side is as remorseful as you can be.

It's funny how people can demand that you beg for their forgiveness, yet never feel the need to own up to their own faults. Take whatever side you want on this issue. He definitely made a terrible choice in taking the gun with him, especially after what happened to Shyne. I just hope he learns the lesson he is being taught.

At least he wasn't wearing sweatpants though. That would have been a lesson in and of itself.


Vick on 60 Minutes

You already know where I stand on this, so I won't even waste your time.

Watch CBS Videos Online


Fly Like an Eagle

Let's not mince words here. I am on the Michael Vick bandwagon.

Last night as I sat and watched a back and forth combination of Big Brother and the Ravens preseason game, I recieved a text from my mother. While my mom texting is a wonderful feat within itself, especially when she finishes "the conversation" with "lol," the message was simple and plain- Vick to the Eagles!

I had been hoping that the Ravens would pursue and sign Vick, but I was extremely happy for him and instantly excited about the Eagles' upcoming season. No one had even speculated that Philly would land Vick. It had to have caught everyone off guard.

This morning the Eagles officially welcomed Vick into the fold:

If there is one player in the NFL that is more polarizing than T.O., It has to be Vick. While some reports have praised the signing, others believe it is a pretty big mistake. Which ever side of the fence you claim, just no that unless he completely f's up this second chance, Vick is in the league and will be on the field this season.

Hate it or love it, the underdog is on top. Pun intended!


Good Riddance

You've probably heard by now that Brett Farve decided to forego a comeback with the Vikings and stay retired. After the announcement you probably also heard a collective sigh or relief that this whole ordeal was finally over. I definitely heard it cause I was happy to hear that a decision had been made.

I do not profess to know how hard it can be to walk away from being a QB in the spotlight of the NFL, but I do understand the concept of walking away. It can be extremely difficult to do sometimes. I get that. What I don't get is being so caught up in yourself that you feel the need to drag football fans into this dilemma every off season.

Brett Farve will go down as one of the greatest QBs to have ever played the game. He will also go down as being one of the biggest attention grabbers and divas of all time as well. What's funny about his obsession with being on Sportscenter and in the newspaper headlines everyday is that he seems to get a pass. If this were Terrell Owens or Dennis Rodman, the media would have long closed the book on them. There wouldn't be people camped out on their lawns everyday and reporting on just about everything they did.

Farve on the other hand seems to be applauded for being a media and attention whore. I respect the man and what he did on the field, but I am extremely excited to hear him say he's done except that he might not be. We've heard this song and dance from Farve before. What's to say that, after training camp is over, he doesn't come back just before the regular season begins. With Farve you never know. I really hope that his decision is final and that he can fade, somewhat, out of the daily sports junket. The NFL is almost and I'd rather read and hear about the people that have decided to play, not the guys who haven't.


Welcome Back: A Quick Vick Timeline

Somebody cue that joint from Mase. By now, everyone and their moms has heard the news. In case you were living under a rock for the last 18 hours, yesterday Michael Vick was conditionally reinstated in the NFL by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

I don't think anyone was surprised by the announcement. reporters had been speculating since last week that this was going to happen. What did catch people off guard was the conditions of the reinstatement. According to Goodell, Vick is eligible to be signed immediately. He will be able workout, practice and play in the last two pre-season games. Here's where it gets fuzzy. When the regular season starts, Vick will be not be allowed to play until he is fully reinstated back into the league, which could potentially not happen until week six.

When asked whether or not if the hesitance to fully reinstate Vick was more punishment, Goodell responded that his intent was to allow Vick to slowly re-enter the game. It's been two seasons since Vick has played in the NFL and Goodell points out that he has, "thought about every alternative, but I think this gives him the best chance for success. We are not looking for failure here. We are looking to see a young man succeed."

The Next Move is His Best Move

For Vick, this is his second and last chance to join an exclusive fraternity that millions of fans which they could be a part of. Vick isn't the first athlete to join, get kicked out and then be presented with the opportunity to join again and he probably won't be the last. The biggest challenge is someone sending Vick an invitation to the party. Yes, he's been given permission to re-enter, but the question is: What team wants to take a chance on him?

It's been reported that five teams (Cowboys, Giants, 49ers, Jets & Dolphins) have no interest in Vick, but that doesn't mean they were telling the truth. It's like the days leading up to the draft when teams purposely through out misinformation to keep others teams off the scent of their tracks. Vick was an outstanding football player and I can't see someone not taking a flyer on a guy who literally out ran the competition when he was in the league. Don't believe me, peep these highlights:

Again, it's been two years since he's been in the league and no one really knows how conditioned his body is, whether or not he's lost some of his speed or if he is mentally prepared for the spotlight of the NFL. But after watching those highlights all I could do is shake my head. The highlights brought back so many memories of watching Vick play and you can see in the video how much the fans loved him.

Memories of Vick

The first time I really sat down to watch Vick play was in the '99-'00 season when Vick's Hokies took on my Peter Warrick-lead Florida State Seminoles. The games started off looking like it was going to be an easy win for Florida State. At one point in the first half the score was 28-7. Then in the third quarter, Vick took complete control of the game. By the fourth quarter the score was 29-28 and Vick's Hokies were in prime position to upset my Noles. Thanks to some key plays and a big fourth quarter, Florida State ended up winning the game (46-29) and the national title. But it was clear to college football fans and NFL personnel that a star had been born.

Under college football's brightest spotlight Vick, a redshirt freshman, played and starred in one of the most entertaining college football games ever. The final score may not reflect that statement, but it's absolutely true. Florida State was the favorite and got unexpectedly chin checked. They shook the cobwebs and won, but if Tech had a defense the game could have ended a lot different.

First African American Quarterback Picked #1

When Vick declared for the draft a year after the national championship game against Florida State, just about everyone in sportsnation knew he was going number one. The funny thing is San Diego held the rights to the number one pick, but was extremely hesitant on using the pick. Just three years earlier, the Chargers had used the number two pick on a guy named Ryan Leaf. Sports fans recognize the name and will remember the debate of (Peyton) Manning or Leaf.

Leaf turned out to be terrible and costly (his contract) and the Chargers hadn't completely gotten the taste of him out of their mouths when the 2001 draft came around. Instead of drafting Vick, they traded the pick to an overzealous Atlanta Falcon team who was being coached by Dan Reeves. Things definitely worked out for the Chargers. The picks they got from Atlanta were used to draft LaDanian Tomlinson and Drew Brees. Atlanta, both the team and the city, were extremely excited about Vick, so it looked like a win-win situation.

There's a Storm Coming, No Man is Safe From

That joyous feeling went down the drain when Vick's co-defendants identified him as the ring leader of the Bad Newz Kennels dog fighting ring. Vick never thought the people he took care of would turn on him, so he lied his way through the Atlanta organization and to newly minted commissioner Roger Goodell. It turned out to be the worst lie(s) he could have ever told. In addition, to being stripped of his livelihood, he was also convicted and sent to Leavenworth prison in Kansas.

There's no need to write anything else. We all know how his life turned 180 degrees when this situation came to light.

Welcome Back

I am not a dog lover by any stretch of the imagination. I don't think what Vick did was worth jail time. However, I do not believe you can treat something created by the man upstairs in that manner and not expect to pay in some way, shape or form.

Vick is said to be extremely remorseful and having learned a lot from this ordeal. And he released a statement to back it up:

"I would like to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation to commissioner Goodell for allowing me to be readmitted to the National Football League," Vick said in a statement released by his agent, Joel Segal. "I fully understand that playing football in the NFL is a privilege, not a right, and I am truly thankful for the opportunity I have been given.

Here's to hoping he has. Having done the time for his crime, he deserves a second shot at a career in the NFL. All we can do is wait to see if one NFL team agrees.

Information from this article, this article, this article and this article were used as resources for this piece. Shouts to ESPN and College Football Poll and Info Please!


R.I.P. Steve McNair (1973-2009)

Today, news came out that former NFL quarterback, Steve McNair, had passed away, apparently the victim of a shooting. McNair was one of my favorite players when he was in the league. Besides dealing with all of the pressure that comes with being a black QB in the NFl, he excelled on the field as well, helping to break a lot of the stereotypes that were associated with black QBs. In celebration of his life, here's a couple of highlight videos...


Falling: The Draft Edition

Picture the scene. You are a top prospect in the NFL or NBA draft. You've done the work on the field/ court in college and/or high school, the community and private workouts and talked with numerous teams about every aspect of your life. And despite your best judgement, you've listened to the writers and television pundits talk about you and where you are projected to go in said draft.

On draft day, you put on your best new suit, custom-fitted and tailored to immaculate perfection. But when you go to close the jacket, you find it hard to fasten. You've being working out, so it can't be weight, but it is. The weight of the day surrounds you. The mix of nervous anticipation and excitement are engulfing. The lights are bright and people around the world are watching and waiting to hear your name called.

For some, the relief joy comes immediately. Even though you expected to be called early, you never know until you hear your name. For others, the day seems like an eternity. Pick after pick, you remain in the "still available" bin while many of your peers competitors are now officially members of an elite club.

From Weight to Wait

Back in 1998, Rashard Lewis, fresh out of high school, entered his name into the draft. He probably had been assured by a couple of teams that he was their guy when their turn came. Unfortunately for Lewis, it didn't happen in the first round. Devastated and embarrassed, he began to cry. Like really cry. The tears continued until his name was called by the Seattle Supersonics (RIP) with the third pick in the second round.

Lewis isn't alone. Aaron Rodgers and Brady Quinn experienced the same thing. Rodgers was in contention to be the #1 pick. Many thought he had a great chance of being the guy. However, the 49ers went with Alex Smith. For Quinn, the sting of not being drafted probably happened when Miami, picking ninth, took Ted Ginn, Jr. instead. Leading up to the draft, many were convinced that the Dolphins were taking a QB. So even though Rodgers and Quinn were actually picked in the first round, I doubt that either of them would deny feeling like Lewis, even if it were only internally.

Oher You Ready

This year it happened again. The "victim": Michael Oher, an offensive lineman from Ole Miss who has had one hell of a childhood. According to many, Oher was a Top 11 pick waiting to happen. However, on draft day, he fell to number 23 when he was selected by the Baltimore Ravens.

Oher should be an amazing addition to the Ravens offensive unit, and I look forward to watching him protect Joe Flacco for a long time. Meet that man, whose latest test probably doesn't register in the Top 20 of things that happened in his life.

Shouts to dF for the video!


It Pains Me to Do This...

But congrats to the Steelers! And shouts to the Cardinals for making it one of the greatest Super Bowl's I have ever watched.

Check the video to see how they did it:

As I watched this game with my Twitter buddies, the early sentiment was that the game was boring. Many people said they were turning the game off, but each time they were about to do it something happened to keep them watching.

And Then the Safety Came

When the Cards got that safety, everyone sensed that the game was about to change. Then Fitzgerald caught that TD and put the Cards up by three points with 2:30 seconds to go.

The Drive: The Super Bowl Edition

With a little more than two and a half minutes left, Pittsburgh drove down the field with ease. The result was the video you saw above. And you also just witnessed the birth of the real Legend of Ben Rothlisburger!

If you missed this game, you need to find a way to see it. It was better than last year's and had more drama than As the World Turns.

So again, I congratulate the Steeler fans and especially Mike Tomlin!
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