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The Kid Daytona: Fly Lullaby

Brand new video from Daytona's The Interlude, his collab project with 9th Wonder.

Be on the lookout for The Interlude II. It should be dropping soon.


The Kid Daytona: Take Aim

Straight off of The Interlude, The Kid Daytona Take[s] Aim with a Rick Rubin lookalike in tow.

Download The Interlude by clicking the link above.

Shouts to DJ Enuff


Hill Street Blues

Straight from his latest mixtape The Interlude, The Kid Daytona drops visuals for the 6th Sense-produced On The Hill.


One of my favorite albums of '09 was Jet Audio's Stand Alone Complex.

I rock with every track on the album, but I never knew they made a video for The Kid Daytona track. So here ya go.

Hit the link to download Stand Alone Complex. And don't forget to download Daytona's The Interlude while you're at it. Both projects are bangers!


The Interlude

When Busta Rhymes' The Coming dropped back in '96 I remember my friends and and I going crazy a few times over what we thought was the next track only for it to end up being an interlude. And each time one of those interludes played, we'd always wonder why he hadn't chosen to rhyme over some of those beats.

Over the years I'm sure the question has arisen time and time again as interludes have been "wasted" while actual tracks should have actually being thrown in the waste basket. Now 14 years after Busta had my friends and I wondering "what if," The Kid Daytona comes through with the genius idea of rhyming over a handful of tracks inspired by some of the illest interludes ever produced on the perfectly titled The Interlude.


South, South Bronx

(On my Vimby ish) The good people over at "backyard videos" recently checked in with The Kid Daytona to find out what he's working on while taking a trip through his native Bronx, South to be exact.

Be on the lookout for the mixtape and the album. Daytona is definitely one of the up-and-comers I am checking for. You should be too.

In the meantime, rock to this:

The Kid Daytona- Do You Believe



The Kid Daytona recently stepped through Tone's world to talk about how he became an artist and give a performance of one of the strongest tracks on Come Fly With Me.


When I posted Lately back in April of last year I specifically talked about the "horns" on the track. It was the first element to catch my attention, but that wasn't to say that Daytona didn't put in work with his rhymes.

As smooth as the notes played by said sax on this Ill Bomb track, Daytona uses his laid back delivery and clever wordplay to set the scene of a situation we've all been in.

Imagine a riding in a car on a beautiful summer day, just as the sun is beginning to set. The sky is burnt orange and folks are still out and about kicking it. As you ride by, you take in the sights of the people while zoning out to your thoughts.

In this particular case, Daytona takes this opportunity to assess where he's been, where's he going and what it takes to be successful in this game.

Take another listen, zone out and enjoy!


One of the tracks featured on 6th Sense's It's A 6th Sense Mixtape Yo​!​!, which is available for download today. But I'll be doing a write-up on it tomorrow.

<a href="">The Kid Daytona - The Black Superhero by 6th Sense</a>


The Minimum

"Now, it's up to you whether or not you want to just do the bare minimum."

"Look, we want you to express yourself, ok? If you think the bare minimum is enough, then ok. But some people choose to wear more and we encourage that, ok? You do want to express yourself, don't you?"

"What do you think of a person who only does the bare minimum?"
If you're up on your cult classics, then you recoginize the above quotes from Office Space. In a hilarious and utterly ridiculous way, the quotes highlight the catch-22 of doing the minimum.

In a world where people will have you believe that you can actually acheive 110%, doing the minimum is typically viewed as slacking off. But minimums also serve a useful purpose in society. Take for instance the casino. Tables with minimums keep idiots from making penny bets while you're on a hot streak at the craps table. They also keep certain drivers from clogging up the highways by going 25 in a 65 MPH zone.

Wanting to lay his own claim to what a minimum is, The Kid Daytona just dropped a vid for his song The Minimum off of his stellar mixtape, Come Fly with Me.

Can you handle all that?

Bonus: The Making of The Minimum

The Making of "The Minimum" from Soul Rebel NYC on Vimeo.

The opposite of Left



I was first introduced to Harlem's Cash on The Kid Daytona's Fly With Me mixtape. The second song on the tape, Air Jordans, featured Cash. His flow on the first verse was a good look, but the point where I asked myself "who is this dude" was when I heard the following lines at the beginning of his second verse:
Cheech and Chong showed me the clouds are reachable
Nassir proved to me that the Gods are etherable
And that God MC said doubts are reasonable
But I aint gonna doubt myself
Aint got a reason to

I've been trying to follow his musical movements ever since. However, I've kind of failed at it over the months since Come Fly With Me dropped. Consider the mixtape posted below a movement in the right direction.

Before we get to the tape though, check out this interview he did with Karmaloop TV in which he talks about his first life in HipHop; his blue collar hustler mentality and how the pyramids play an important role in the music he makes.

DJ Enuff presents Harlem's Cash - Cashifornication (Hosted by DJ Quiz)


Harlem's Cash- Throw it in the Bag (freestyle)

Harlem's Cash ft The Kid Daytona- Anything's Possible


Impact on Contact

One of my favorite "still bubbling on the underground," up-and-comers is The Kid [known as] Daytona. In addition to cultivating his buzz, he also carries (my words, not his) the pressure of being a new dude reppin' the birthplace of HipHop, the BX. From the material he's been putting out though, it doesn't seem to bother him one bit.

Yesterday, Daytona dropped the second vid from Come Fly with Me. While it's not my favorite cut from the album, I understand the methods to the madness. By far, this is one of the more upbeat songs on the album and it definitely maintains an appeal that can bring new listeners in the fold.

The Kid Daytona - "Contact!" feat. Kardinal Offishall (Video) from The Kid Daytona on Vimeo.

Since I completely dropped the ball and failed to post this when it dropped this summer, check out Come Fly with Me:

Joints to check for:

Air Jordan ft Harlem's cash
The Groove ft Mickey Factz
The Minimum
Lately ft Amanda Diva
Air Born ft Bun B

The Kid Daytona- Come Fly with Me


Fame & Fortune Live

I've been telling you about this kid Outasight for a minute now. If you didn't believe me and were saying I needed more people. Check this footage from his recent performance at Santos in NYC.

Outasight ft The Kid Daytona & Donny Goines- Fame & Fortune(rmx)

Outasight Ft. The Kid Daytona & Donny Goines - Fame & Fortune (Remix) from Music Addicts Only on Vimeo.


Daytona 500

Before you fly, you have to build the machine.

The Kid Daytona - The Daytona 500 (Trailer) from The Kid Daytona on Vimeo.

Start your engines on May 5th.

Shouts to Nah Right!


Saturday Six Pack

The Kid Daytona ft Amanda Diva- Lately
Notes: The horns! And speaking of horns...

M.O.P. ft Busta Rhymes- Blow The Horns
Notes: Fiyaaaaaaaaaaah!

Chrisette Michelle ft Juelz Santana & Rick Ross- Epiphany (rmx)
Notes: This joint is cool even though Juelz tries his best to kill it. Not in a good way.

Lady GaGa- Pokerface (Pete Rock rmx)
Notes: It's Pete Rock. Need I say more?

Jackson 5- ABC (K-Salaam & Beatnick Remix)
Notes: Looks like this joint is off an upcoming mixtape. I'll keep you posted.

Jagged Edge- Cloud 9
Notes: Up and down tempo, but well executed.

Drinker's Bonus:

Method Man & Redman- Mrs. International

Crooked I & DJ Wicked- Jackin' For Beats '09

Shouts to NMC!
Shouts to Shiokuma!


Fly Ish

Last night I was checking out Outasight's mixtape for the millionth time when this guy The Kid Daytona caught my attention. I had been seeing his name and material here and there, but hadn't conciously listened to any of it. After rewinding the verse, I officially put dude on my radar.

Check out the video for his first single, Fly Shit. Come Fly With Me, the mixtape is coming soon.

When I first heard this joint, the baseline reminded me of this.


Peep the joint that turned me onto Daytona, 2-0-0-9 ft The Kid Daytona, 6th Sense and Harlem's Cash. Some of the lyrics should sound familiar to you. This is an update to Common and Sadat X's 1-9-9-9.

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