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The Paxtons- Lil Bit of Living

A really good song has the power to pull the listener into a moment regardless of whether or not they are reliving a certain experience/feeling or experiencing it vicariously through the artist. Starting with the vocal mimicking of the underlying horns, the rhythmic congas and the easy going organ, The Paxtons' A Lil Bit of Livin' instantly transforms me to those mornings when I wake up feeling extra good about how things are going to play out for the rest of the day.

In many ways, Livin' feels like Act II of a play that began with Talib Kweli's Get By. Both of these songs embody that "waking up and assessing the day ahead" feeling to me. While Kweli's verison highlights the various trials and tribulations that people experience on a daily basis, the song simultaneously provides listeners with a solution (love) that can help get them out of their respective ruts. On the other hand, Livin' starts from a "something outta nothing" perspective that gives the listener a "day after Get By" type of feeling. Depending on how things start, Get By might need to get a few runs to set a new tone for the day ahead, but it's awesome to now have a new go-to song that picks up where it leaves off. If you haven't done so, give Livin' a few runs and see if it doesn't give you that same type of feeling.

A video for Livin' may be in the works, but until then, here it is live and straight from the monthly Block Party stage.
With the right light we can make poor look decadent

Lil Bit of Livin is featured on The Paxton's latest project, Avenue B. Preview/download it here.


The Paxtons- "I'm Going"

Even though temperatures are currently in the hawk zone in NYC right now, The Paxtons are preparing to heat things up with next Tuesday's release of Avenue B, the second in the four part Avenue series. Before unleashing the new album, however, The Paxtons decided to take one last drive down Avenue A with the release of the official music video for I'm Going. Easily one of the most popular songs on Avenue A, the I'm Going visuals capture the essence of a beautiful summer day in Coney Island. And it also serves as the perfect bridge to Avenue B.

Avenue B drops on Tuesday!


Anml Invasion

Philly streetwear label AnmlHse recently rolled through DC for an in-store event at Pedestrian in B-More. Peep the footage:

For more information on AnmlHse, hit their web site.

Shout out to @dat_boi for the footage!


The Paxtons: Five Dollars

New ish from my group The Paxtons! Five Dollars is from the follow-up to last year's critcally acclaimed The Manhattan Project.

Be on the look out for the Five Dollar video and The Avenue coming soon!



Since the birth of this site back in '08, I've been fortunate to witness the growth of a plethora of artists. In these two years, one of the artists I've seen grow the most is Studio 43 and Diamond District's X.O.

When I think back to the first time I heard X.O., I remember thinking that he was cool. I respected the desire and ambition, but I didn't see it leading anywhere close to the success that it has. It all changed when In the Ruff dropped.


The Carryout

Shrimp Lo Mein, fried rice and four wings and fries (no maumbo sauce).

Tickets will be available at the door.


If You Build It

They Will Come!

Hip Hop was built on a foundation of double meanings. While the title of The Paxtons’ new mixtape, The Manhattan Project, is an obvious reference to their relocation to NYC and adoption of the New York state-of-mind, there is a deeper inspiration driving the mixtape.

The Manhattan Project is also the codename for a WWII project whose mission was to develop the first atomic bomb. In musical terms, The Paxtons are taking the same approach by building a mixtape that is set to annihilate the competition with lyrics and production that clearly show an unseen hunger and level of progression and creativity from the Chicago-bred MC and production team.

If their last opus, Work, was safe and constrained, The Manhattan Project is its freer and riskier big brother. Featuring a precise mix of original production (The Paxtons, Brenmar of These Are Powers, et al), co-oped beats (Diplo, The Neptunes, Dam Funk, Chuck Inglish) and guest appearances (X.O. of Diamond District, et al); The Manhattan Project is guaranteed to make music lovers take notice.

The Paxtons present The Manhattan Project


NY State of Mind

After moving to NYC back in January, The Paxtons have been hard at work on the follow to their debut album, Work. In adopting a New York state-of-mind, Chris and Dave put together a mixtape that showcases a collection of songs that they can truly say is their best work to date.

Rather than take on the role of producing the project in its entirety, The Paxtons reached out to a few of outside producers to help deliver a diverse sound. Lyrically, Chris and Dave challenged themselves to, "step up their bars." And what you'll find is that they delivered. It's been a privilege to work* closely with Chris and Dave on this project, and we are excited to know that The Manhattan Project will be in music lover's ears in five days.

The Manhattan Project drops on Tuesday, September 7. In the mean time, check out the two trailers.


What We Doin'

*In full disclosure, I am the publicist for The Paxtons.



As they gear up for the release of their new mixtape, The Manhattan Project, The Paxtons have been performing songs from TMP at shows all over NYC and Philly. One of the songs that has been killing the crowds is Beamin'/Still Hungry. The track is definitely a great look, but there's something about the way Sela, the band, breathes even more life into the song. And shout out to Grease for absolutely murdering Still Hungry!

Sidenote: Who knows if they will release the footage, but the chick on stage was part of a going away party. That, in and of itself, is nothing. The crazy thing was that the chick is a stripper and had five or six of her colleagues with her, all putting on a show for those of us lucky to be in attendance.


After the party is the afterparty.

The Manhattan Project is scheduled to drop in early September.



With today being a "national holiday" to many who enjoy...ummm, shampoo, I thought it was fitting to rewind the calendar 365 days and look back at the song that became the first offical leak from The Paxton's critically-acclaimed album Work.

While it may be easy to listen to the hook and pass it off as a simple ode to C. Sativa, you'd actually be missing the other factors that went into the creation of the song. Yes, rolling up plays a central role, but there's more to it. Smoke is equally inspired by Gangsta Pat whose I Wanna Smoke Pt. III was a certified hood classic in the Chi in the late 90s.

It's also important to note that Smoke is very much about a couple of experiences that are best told while putting one in the air. *Think Biggie's line before recapping the events of the day in  I Gotta Story to Tell*

Even though it's Dave that kicks Smoke off with a ode to Biggie before breaking down a close call between wifey and a jumpoff, it's Chris who delivers a verse that is truly on some I Gotta Story to Tell ish. Much like Big, Chris finds himself in the middle of someone else's relationship. Listen closely as this real life drama plays out in a smoke-inspiring verse. 

I wonder if dude knows he'll forever live in infamy because of his actions?

Take a few minutes to take a trip down Smoke road.

The Paxtons- Smoke


Theme Music

A few weeks before unveiling the first single from The Manhattan Project, The Paxtons are taking a quick step back to the future with the debut of their first music video. One of the prevailing questions from fans since the album dropped has been, “Where’s the video?” The Theme Music visuals, directed by Shannon Muir, are Chris and Dave’s way of honoring the numerous fans who have been demanding to see this track brought to life.

Check it out and let me know what you think.

Theme Music is featured on Work. If you haven't done so, download it and give it a listen. It's the perfect way to get ready for the movie that is TMP.


okayplayer goes to Work

Posting that Wale interview reminded me that The Paxtons' Work was recently reviewed on the site. Check it out:

Inspired in part by the classic Kevin Smith film Clerks, Chicago-bred and Washington Metropolitan area based artists, The Paxtons, aim to paint a picture of a fictional summer involving their exploits on their self-produced latest mixtape, Work. The loose concept unravels early on but it’s hardly a detriment, as what’s left in its wake is mostly enjoyable. Choosing to rhyme over extremely obvious loops and breaks, it all presents itself as familiar in sound. Yet, the inoffensive and amicably paired rhymes from MCs Chris and Dave do just enough to keep pace.

The album begins with “Once Again,” and the soulful production helps the straight-ahead rhymes of Chris and Dave. The introductory piece sets up “Bread & Water,” which openly borrows the same track and sample (although slightly varied) as Q-Tip’s “Ride” single. The swingy hook and raps from the MCs work to great effect and keeps the track moving along gracefully. The mixtape hits an early snag with “Just Tonight” with a corny attempt at a jam for the ladies (or the club) fails miserably. The feature from capable rapper Ra The MC nearly saves the track. The track also features some slick R&B styling from vocalist Teluv – still, the song falls flat on its face. Things get back on track with “Free My Mind ‘09” thankfully. The MCs display punch-line heavy swagger and rights the ship after the disaster before it. “Theme Music,” thus far the mixtape’s hardest track, is an aggressive and nearly angry track from the group. Chris’ delivery is so fierce and relentless, it begs several rewinds but Dave’s verse matches the intensity - a very welcomed, early highlight.

“Atlas” employs a slow, slinky groove and features some amazing vocals from Teluv. The MCs deliver once again and the somber mood present in the voices of Chris and Dave bolster the backing track. “Instant Love” features decent production and a solid concept but performance wise, it lacks any true punch. “La La” puts the mixtape back on track with the MCs in their best lane – which is just delivering confident rhymes and never doing too much to undo themselves. The mixtape closes with “Closing Credits,” a fitting end to a very solid, if lyrically safe, release. The MCs do just enough to keep in step with the decent production through out the mixtape. No, The Paxtons aren’t lyrical world changers but what they do well is highlighted many times over on this release.

Big shout out to D.L. Chandler for the review. Obviously, I hold Work in high regard, but the entire team appreciates the review. Good, bad or indifferent, Chris and Dave just want to get the music out to the people.


The Paxtons Shut Down STL

If you've been following The Paxtons, then you know they have roots in a few cities throughout the United States. Born and raised in Chicago and now living in the D.M.V., Chris and Dave having been doing their thing up and down the east coast.

A couple weeks ago they took it back to the midwest. This time they hit another city in which they have close ties to- STL. The place that The Arch and Nelly made famous is also the place where the group made their name under their company South Shore Social club.

A few years later, they now return to celebrate the success of their latest project, Work, with an in-store performance at I am...!SNKY. While in the STL, they also performed at the Midwest Marchdown, an annual stepshow & party that has been held for 28 straight summers.

Peep the scene ans scenary as Chris, Dave and Takiyah hit the road to Saint Louis and show some of the wonderful sights to see. And stick around for the performances:

The Paxtons SHUT DOWN St. Louis (8.6.09) from The Paxtons on Vimeo.



If you've been wondering why it's been quiet on The Paxtons front around here, it's because we've been working on places outside of the family network. If you frequent spots like TSS, then you've been seeing the support they have been showing this project.

If you haven't been paying attention, then now's your chance to check out the Chicago-bred and DC-based duo know as The Paxtons and their new album Work. Based on the 90's cult classic comedy Clerks, Work is a look into the lives of Chris and Dave. The album is completely self-produced and features The Paxtons twist on some of their favorite joints from the 90s.

Going to the job day in a day out may be something you dread, but this is the kind of work you've been waiting for.

The Paxtons- Work


I Support The Paxtons: Ubiq

As I've told you guys on numerous occassions, I am a dues paying member of Team Paxtons. If you've been paying attention to the moves they have been making, then you'd know that their new album is called Work and that it's dropping on 6.30 (NEXT TUESDAY!).

What you might not know is that it's coming out exclusively on The Smoking Section. You may have also been a little confused by the Ubiq and Atmos partnership, so we decided to hit the store and talk to one of the power players, Ron Crawford.

Why I Support The Paxtons: UBIQ from The Paxtons on Vimeo.

Here's a little something Chris & Dave cooked up, because let's face it, everyone needs a little thug in their life.

The Paxtons ft RAtheMC, AP the Prince & Te'Luv- Just Tonight (rmx)

Special shouts to RA. Get well soon!


Just Tonight

Ubiq and Atmos have teamed up with The Paxtons to present Work, an album inspired by the movie Clerks and featuring The Paxtons’ twist on some of their favorite joints from the 90s. Clocking in for the “first shift” of this musical journey through the 90s is Just Tonight. The track features RAtheMC, AP the Prince, Te'luv and a sample of Ghost Town DJs’ My Boo.

The Paxtons ft/ RAtheMC, AP the Prince and Te'luv- Just Tonight


The DJ Impulse Show

For years (and probably in the minds and hearts of some still) B-More and DC have been at odds. Most would think that 40 minutes of separation would lend itself to a commmon, unified front, right? Negatory!

However, there are people such as myself who are trying their best to unify and move as one. I do it by repping the home team in the district. The Under Sound crew gets it in on the music tip. Check out this footage from DJ Impulse from the Stussy X Stones Throw party and the Funkadelic Freestyles spring finale show.

Stussy x Stones Throw Tour Party, Washington DC from Dj Impulse on Vimeo.

Funkadelic Freestyles semester finale from Dj Impulse on Vimeo.

Shouts to Impulse!


Funkadelic Freestyles: Spring Semester Finale

Last week, the Funkadelic Freestyles crewed celebrated a successful year of bringing HipHop to the masses. Featuring a mix of national acts and up-and-coming local talent, the show turned into a D.M.V. version of the last episode of Yo! MTV Raps.

Take a look at a who's who list of D.M.V. artists doing what they do best:

Funkadelic Freestyles Spring 09 Semester Finale - Cypher Pt. 1 from jben.ok on Vimeo.

Funkadelic Freestyles Spring 09 Semester Finale - Cypher Pt. 2 from jben.ok on Vimeo.

Shouts out to Kokayi. This was the first time I had ever heard his name, let alone him rhyme. As you can see, the dude is super talented. Straight rhyming that broke into a sing-song flow which begot a likkle bit of reggae. This ish was mind blowing (pause) when I was listening to it. Seeing it added a completely new dimension. I didn't realize folks were holding up things to provoke the rhyme. Man! And beside the fact that this was recorded, the greatest thing is that he came back and did it again later in the show.

Also shouts go out to The Els. In case you didn't notice, the music was live. And it was The Els who provided the rhythm for the MCs to spit over.

Parts three and four are on deck. Be on the lookout! This ish was history, respect it! Til then download the podcasts (I & II) of the show. I promise that you won't be disappointed.

Shouts to the whole Funkadelic Freestyles crew! The show was classic. Thanks for making it happen.

Also shouts to the homie, Ajani, for the pics. Artists you need to holla at him, he's doing an artist/producer photo shoot special.


Brooklyn (Go Hard): The B-Day Edition

Let me start by saying shout to the homie, Chris of The Paxtons. He hit the quarter century yesterday, but decided to hit you with a gift.

The Paxtons- Brooklyn (Go Hard) Freestyle


4321... Injection Fellas (PAUSE)

If you are up on your Boyz II Men game, then you should get the title (minus the pause). Check out The Paxtons new song 4321. It's definitely a "windows down, system on high" joint for the Spring (whenever she decides to officially show her face) and Summer.

The Paxtons- 4321
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