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Another Day of Freedom

As they prepare for tomorrow's release of their Superhero Theme Music Vol. 1 mixtape, the Nu Revolution camp (Wordsmith, Whitefolkz, Kontact & Black Knight) decided to drop a couple of additional leaks to get you ready.

The NU Revolution Camp- Another Day (Produced by Lucki Handz of Radio Maschine)

The NU Revolution Camp- Freedom Theme (Produced by Rafpak)

Superhero Theme Music Vol. 1 drops tomorrow, but you can check the first leak from the 'tape here.


Audio Revolution

For all the fame and notoriety artists achieve in HipHop, often times, the people who crafted the sound that became your favorite song go unacknowledged. For years producers were only to be heard and not seen. Liner note readers may have known the name behind the sonic landscapes they loved, but not necessarily what said producer looked like. Of course, there has always been a handful of super producers who were able to step in front of the keyboards and MPCs, but by and large producers were "ghostfaces."

Luckily, the prominence of the Internet has helped shift more focus onto producers over the last few years, as many have made a name for themselves by featuring their beats on sites like Myspace and by using chat rooms and message boards to connect with artists all over the world.

One example of the greatness that can come from these types of relationships is the connection shared by MC Wordsmith and his in-house producer Strada. Over the last four and a half years, the two have been crafting music that have kept heads nodding in the U.S., Canada and across the globe.

On Friday the producer extraordinaire will be releasing his first instrumental mixtape, entitled Acoustic Treatment. The 'tape will be comprised of, "fine-tuned instrumental releases of Strada and Wordsmith's prior work."

Just because the Nu Revolution crew likes to keep you on your toes, they leaked the Back In (rmx) featuring vocals from Chubb Rock and Wordsmith along with Jakk Frost and Sha Stimuli. The track is a bonus from the instrumental mixtape.


A Future Without A Past

The Internet is an interesting entity. If nothing else, it is the driving force for our ever-evolving need for instant information (and in some cases gratification). In this world of Twitter, instant messaging and live streaming video, information is a few keystrokes and clicks away from billions of people at any given time. Yet, there seems to be a growing divide between today and yesterday; especially in HipHop.

How many interviews have you read or seen where one of today's artists is hesitant and/or defiant in acknowledging the artists that paved the way for them to be able to do what they do. And in many cases, it appears as if they don't even know anything about the artists to even know who they should be crediting.

Ultimately, the onus falls on the shoulders of the older generation for failing to teach the younger generation about said pioneers. As an artist who still carries the HipHop torch out of love for the art form, Wordsmith is doing his part to shed a little light on the subject by asking the question "What if?"

As the Art Fades Away, the third single from his debut album, Vintage Experience features the Baltimore MC encouraging today's artists and fans to pay homage to the pioneers that broke down the barriers that allow them to create and enjoy music in all of the different mediums available to us these days. Peep a few of the lyrics before watching the video:

Please research the birth of who's hot
Young crowds say that Nelly built rap
And Chingy, Yung Joc
Put it all on the map...
let me make it real clear for you cats
if the pioneers didn't make rap
yall wouldn't make crap
all facts
even got jacked
when a label owned everything
from your name to your tracks

Props to Olawale of 4 Sight Pictures for directing the video and Trey P. of Nu Revolution for the treatment.


In addition to continuing to promote his album, Wordsmith is on the verge of dropping a mixtape with DJ Delz entitled Jackin' For Beats. The first two leaks from the tape were posted a few weeks ago, but Words is back with a another leak before the 'tape drops on June 29.

Wordsmith- When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong



At the rate that Wordsmith drops material, I am beginning to wonder if this dude does anything but record. A little under two months ago he dropped his highly acclaimed debut album, Vintage Experience, and was in the middle of recording his follow-up, Music for the Masses, when DJ Delz reached out to him for a new mixtape he's working on. The mixtape will be a Wordsmith-exclusive version of Delz's Jacking for Beats series, which means it shouldn't take you too long to recognize what the business is.

Be on the lookout for the full length project, presented by 2 Dope Boyz and DJ Delz on June 29th, but until then listen to the first two leaks from the 'tape.

Wordsmith- I Might Need Security

Worsmith- Suplex the Beat


The Vintage Experience: The Finale

A day after Wordsmith dropped his solo debut album, The Vintage Experience, I hit you with the final installment of his interview series highlighting the album. In the finale, Words talks about the final chapter of the album.

I'm thinking the word of the day may be "motivation." Or maybe that's just a B-More thing. First it was E-Major, then Mickey Factz and now Wordsmith, as motivation is one of the themes of the final chapter to his album.

Speaking of motivation, motivate yourself to hit iTunes or Amazon to cop the album. It dropped yesterday, so you're already a day behind if you didn't.


Check out this interview Words did with Urb magazine.


The Vintage Experience Interview: Pt. III

With exactly seven days until the album drops, Wordsmith is back with the third installment of The Vintage Experience interview series. The go round Words talks about the third section his upcoming album, including some .

On the strength of doing fight moves while he spits rhymes, I need to see Words for Weapons performed live.

While you wait for the album to drop, you can preview it here.


The Vintage Experience Interview: Pt. II

Last week Wordsmith dropped the second installment of the interview series leading up to his new album The Vintage Experience. In this installament, Words talks about the second chapter of his upcoming "movie on wax."

Just like the vid saya, the album drops next Tuesday.


Grandpa Stories

About a month ago, Wordsmith dropped the behind-the-scenes for his UK single, Tour Guide to New Bride. After what I believe was a couple delays, the video/minifilm is finally finished and ready for your enjoyment.

Don't forget, Vintage Experience, drops on March 30!


The Vintage Experience: The Interview

Wordsmith is in full promo mode for his upcoming album, The Vintage Experience. Last week I hit you with the lead-in mixtape, and this week I'm hitting you with an interview in which Words breaks down the first part of the album.

This interview is part one of four. Be on the lookout for the next installment coming soon.


The Vintage Vault

Last week, Wordsmith dropped his latest mixtape, The Vintage Vault. The mixtape is 16 tracks deep (including the bonus) and features guess appearances from E-Major, RAtheMC and many more.

The premise behind the tape is two fold. In addition to serving as the set-up to his upcoming album, Vault also alludes to the fact that he is unleashing never heard material from his stash. In this case I guess he needed to show you where's he's been to Bridge the Gap to where he's headed.

What I found interesting about the tape and Wordsmith in general is that dude doesn't cuss. But I didn't even realize it until I heard him say it. I'm not exactly sure why I find it so amazing other than the fact that I don't really expect this type of thing in this day and age.

Overall, this mixtape serves as a pretty good introduction to Wordsmith the artist. The tape features a wide range in tracks, concepts and features; the last of which clearly shows that Word is comfortable in his ability and not worried about too much competition. As I highlighted before, one song features 13 MCs NOT including Word.

Be on the lookout for Vintage Experience, the full length album dropping on March 30th. But until then take a trip down memory lane to the Vault.

Joints to check for:

Leap of Faith
Coming For the Top Spot
The Daily Word
International Incense

Wordsmith- The Vintage Vault (Mixed by DJs Ykcor & Nominal and hosted by DJ Ames)

Bonus: If you're in Baltimore or the surrounding metro area tomorrow, come through the hottest Tuesday party in the city. Wordsmith is celebrating the release of the mixtape and the upcoming album.


Senor Wordsmith

A couple of days before the release of his new mixtape, Vintage Vault, Wordsmith recently leaked two joints from the project.

The first, The Making of Senor Wordsmith, is a lyrical exercise energized by Wordsmith's expressive delivery.

Wordsmith- The Making of Senor Wordsmith (produced by Strada)

The second drop, Coming for the Top Spot, can't be described as anything other than a super posse cut. The track features 13 MCs- yeah 13- laying their claim for spot.

Wordsmith ft Kontact, Black Knight, Cyrano, Braille, Gripz, Laelo Hood, Lef, Steadfast, E-Major, Sir Aah, Genesis Elijah, Manny Moscow & Junclassic- Comin' for the Top Spot (produced by Stealf)

Be on the lookout for Vintage Vault dropping on Tuesday courtesy of Coast 2 Coast, Refined Hype, DJ Booth and Frostwire.


Tour Guide to New Bride

Today's market is truly global and Wordsmith is acting on it. Rather than focus 100% of his energy on the U.S., the Baltimore MC also has his eyes across the pond. Almost a month ago, he dropped the video for his first single off of his upcoming album, Vintage Experience. Now he's hitting us with some behind-the-scenes footage for his first UK single, Tour Guide to New Bride.

Judging from the footage, the video was shot in Baltimore. But it looks like the final product will definitely give off that made-in-the-UK vibe. Accoring to Word, the video shoot was more like a short film rather than a video, so I'm expecting big things. Be on the lookout for the video to debut in the near future, and don't forget that Wordsmith will be dropping his Vintage Vault mixtape on the February 23 as a precursor to the album dropping on March 30.

Bonus: Because I failed to post this when it dropped, check out Word's current mixtape Overdue and Underrated.

Wordsmith- Overdue and Underrated


Hook Up Hotline

Wordsmith, the Batimore MC who made an international name for himself by teaming up with Chubb Rock for the Bridging the Gap album, is on the verge of releasing his new album, Vintage Experience.

Check out the vid for the first single:

Wordsmith- Hook Up Hotline

Wordsmith - Hook Up Hotline Official Music Video from Seannie Cameras on Vimeo.

The album drops in March, but be on the lookout for the set-up mixtape, Vintage Vault, dropping on February 9.

Shouts to the visionary for the video, Seannie Cameras! For everyone checking the liner notes, this is the second time Wordsmith and Cameras have collaborated.

Durkl, I see you!


No Love

If I'm not mistaken this is the second single off of J-Scrilla's Culture of Honor album. Once again the Inner Loop team comes through with another banger.

"No Love" J-Scrilla Ft. K-Beta, XO, Oddisee, RAtheMC, Wordsmith, Judah, and TEFLON from Inner Loop Records on Vimeo.

Stop sleeping and cop the album.

Shouts to Inner Loop!


ADD Tour: The Homecoming

Wale has been makeing his way around the country spreading his Go-Go infused HipHop gospel for a couple of months now. A couple of weeks ago, I hit you with a play-by-play review of the Baltimore show. A week later, Wale finally brought his show home.

Going into the DC show, there was a lot of excitement and anticipation. Everyone had seen the various clips from different tour stops, so the area...uh, urea...knew that the show was going to be a great look. I think the anticiaption came from people's interest in seeing what special things Wale had in store for his homecoming. I personally was wondering what special guests would hit the stage and if it would be a platform for him to bring artists from different areas to DC to show how much love he gets at home.

The Show

After crazy performances by Wordsmith, Philade and Tabi Bonney, the show got off to a slow start. There was an extremely big lull in between Bonney's final song and when Wale finally hit the stage. On a couple of different occassions, the crowd got restless and started to chant Wale, Wale, Wale! - Wale takes stage @ 930 Club (Rock the Vote) [6.3.09] from DDotOmen on Vimeo.

For the most part, the show was very similar in structure to the B-More show. That was until Wale gave the crowd what the crowd loves best, Go-Go. Traveling with U.C.B. obviously gave the show a Go-Go flavor, but this time he gave the homegrown music an even bigger platform to shine. It started with bringing up Miss Kim, who was celebrating her birthday, to get the crowd pumped with Pieces. From there, Wale came back to the stage and performed a couple more joints. Then he let UCB do their thing by rocking the crowd with a some of their biggests hits including Sexy Lady.

Next up was Young Chris to perform his verses from Can't Stop, Won't Stop and No Better Love. Wale then hit the stage again to continue rocking joints from his catalog. He finished the show with Chillin' and came back for an encore of Nike Boots, which drove the crowd into a frenzy.

For more videos from the show, check out DDotOmen.


Funkadelic Freestyles: Spring Semester Finale

Last week, the Funkadelic Freestyles crewed celebrated a successful year of bringing HipHop to the masses. Featuring a mix of national acts and up-and-coming local talent, the show turned into a D.M.V. version of the last episode of Yo! MTV Raps.

Take a look at a who's who list of D.M.V. artists doing what they do best:

Funkadelic Freestyles Spring 09 Semester Finale - Cypher Pt. 1 from jben.ok on Vimeo.

Funkadelic Freestyles Spring 09 Semester Finale - Cypher Pt. 2 from jben.ok on Vimeo.

Shouts out to Kokayi. This was the first time I had ever heard his name, let alone him rhyme. As you can see, the dude is super talented. Straight rhyming that broke into a sing-song flow which begot a likkle bit of reggae. This ish was mind blowing (pause) when I was listening to it. Seeing it added a completely new dimension. I didn't realize folks were holding up things to provoke the rhyme. Man! And beside the fact that this was recorded, the greatest thing is that he came back and did it again later in the show.

Also shouts go out to The Els. In case you didn't notice, the music was live. And it was The Els who provided the rhythm for the MCs to spit over.

Parts three and four are on deck. Be on the lookout! This ish was history, respect it! Til then download the podcasts (I & II) of the show. I promise that you won't be disappointed.

Shouts to the whole Funkadelic Freestyles crew! The show was classic. Thanks for making it happen.

Also shouts to the homie, Ajani, for the pics. Artists you need to holla at him, he's doing an artist/producer photo shoot special.
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